14 Struggles Every Fall-Lover Endures In The Summer When All You Want Is A PSL

Don't get me wrong — I love the summer. It's sunny, warm, and gives me an excuse to snooze in a hammock on the beach. I'm all for that summery state of mind, for about a week. Now, I'm just patiently waiting for my absolute fave season, fall, to come back into my life. Give me apple cider donuts and pumpkin patches any day. I'm ready! Unfortunately, I have to give summer its time in the spotlight, and wait a little bit longer to be reunited with my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. Oh, the agony. If you feel the same as me, you understand the struggles every fall-lover deals with in the summer.

As much as I love summer camping trips, I'm already sunburnt and sweating through everything. The cooler weather can't come soon enough, and I'm just waiting for the colors outside to change to those beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow. Is it really too much to ask for every other season to be cut short a few weeks, so I can have a longer autumn?! I don't think so, considering I have to jam-pack my fall days with pumpkin patches, hayrides, haunted houses, and sipping PSLs in front of the fireplace with bae. I would love a longer fall, but until then, I guess the rest of us fall-lovers will just have to suffer through these 14 things as summer just hangs around.

You Truly Miss Your Cozy Sweaters In The Back Of Your Closet

Every morning when I get ready, I just stare longingly at my wool sweaters and chunky scarves that I can't wait to wear again. Don't worry — soon we will be reunited, and it will feel so good. (No, literally. It will feel amazing, because my oversized sweaters are cozy AF.)

You Crave Pumpkin Spice Lattes, But Have To Settle For Lemonade Instead

You can call me a bit basic, but I love the PSL fad that makes a comeback every year. I'm sure Starbucks might be able to make me a PSL out of season, but it just doesn't feel right drinking one when the temperature outside is over 100 degrees. I just want it to be socially acceptable to drink my PSLs, chai lattes, and apple ciders in peace.

You Sweat Through The Heat

I think we can all agree that fall is the perfect weather. It's not too hot, and not too cold. In fact, if this were Miss Congeniality, I would say fall itself is the perfect date. Instead of dealing with that, I'm over here sweating through the heatwave, and stocking up on deodorant rather than cute blanket scarves.

You Count Down The Days Until September

As soon as summer hits, I start a countdown to fall. You may even have a fall countdown clock saved on your computer to check. Just remember that, each day, we're one step closer to fall foliage. Hallelujah.

You Can't Wait For Football Season To Start Back Up Again

Fall is when college and professional football season starts up again. Even if you're not a major sports fan, you still love hanging with your friends at a tailgate and eating delicious food.

You Constantly Wonder Who Invited Humidity To The Party

As a Florida girl, I should be used to the humidity by now, but I don't think my hair is ever on its A-game when trying to battle with the moisture in the air. The struggle is all too real. I'll be known as ponytail girl until fall comes around.

You Are Tired AF Of Finding Sand Everywhere

Even if you only went to the beach once this summer, you will continue to find sand everywhere all season long. There's even sand at the bottom of bags you've never taken to the shore. Where is all of this sand coming from, though?! I think it's multiplying, TBH.

You Get Excited Every Day The Sun Goes Down A Little Earlier

Sure, I love the sun. It gives me lots of vitamin D, and I appreciate the longer days, but after spending so much time together, I need a little break. I'm sure you've also been burnt by the sun before, and you find joy in each day when it sets a little earlier.

You And Your AC Are In A Complicated Relationship

Don't get me wrong, I'm super grateful to have air conditioning in the summer heat, but our relationship is a complicated one. Not only does it cost me so much money to run, but sometimes, it blows out a fuse in my apartment from the overuse. I love you, and I can't live without you, but you're slowly killing my vibes.

You Get A Headache From How Bright Everything Is

God forbid you forget to bring your sunglasses outside on a sunshine-filled summer day. It will be almost impossible to keep your eyes open from how bright it is outside. Sure, I'm complaining about how sunny it is, but it really is too extra, and I'm getting a headache from it all. SOS.

You're Still Stressing Over The Cliffhangers From Your Fave Shows

Fall is when my favorite TV shows come back on the air. I love summer shows like Freeform's The Bold Type and the hilarious Nailed It on Netflix, but a girl needs to know what's going to happen on Riverdale, like, ASAP. Dear fall TV: Please come back soon.

You Already Have Your Halloween Costume Planned Out

Real talk: I truly thrive when Halloween rolls around. I even have my costume picked out, and am itching to wear it ASAP. Give me Hocus Pocus, candy, and carving pumpkins over hot dogs any day, and I'm one happy chick.

You Have To Shave Every Dang Day

Pants season means you can go literally weeks without having to shave your legs. No shave November? Yes, please! Unfortunately, summer is here, and that means I'm wearing shorts, and shaving every dang day. I've never had to use my razor so much in my life.

You Just Want To Lovingly Cuddle With Bae Again

When it's hot out, cuddling is just out of the question. You love your bae so much, but the body heat between you two is not worth getting close, especially if you don't have AC. Until the fall, you'll just have to sit a good distance away from each other, waiting until you can cuddle close again next to a warm fireplace.