Every Tea Lover Needs These 7 Essentials To Make The Most Of Their Cozy Habit


While you might have thought that the holiday season is all wrapped up, think again, y'all. January might be the most important month of all when it comes to celebrations, in fact, especially for lovers of hot beverages. Because it is now — drum roll, please — National Hot Tea Month. So, if you're the type to always have a mug of piping hot English breakfast in your hands, this is the absolute perfect time to treat yourself to all the things tea lovers need in their life, because you totally deserve to be pampered when it comes to this cozy habit.

And trust, drinking tea really is a great practice to get into if you aren't a believer in the stuff already. In an email to Elite Daily, The Tea Council of the USA shares some of the awesome, science-backed health benefits of tea, like how good it can be for your heart health, and even your memory. One particularly interesting study published in the medical journal Phytomedicine seems to show that drinking green tea might be linked to reduced anxiety, thanks to calming components like the amino acid L-theanine — which is definitely a side effect I'd be happy to benefit from, TBH.

So listen, why not treat yourself to a nice cup of tea right now, and get a few of these tea-centric necessities for yourself, or even a tea lover in your life?

A tea infuser

Every true tea lover needs to experiment with all the fine loose leaf blends out there, which means that a tea infuser is an absolute, no questions asked, essential. This one can balance right on your mug until you've steeped to perfection. It's also super easy to make your own blends this way. A little black tea, a little rose hip, perhaps? Go wild, you tea fiend!

Tea filter bags to make your own blends

Speaking of making your own loose leaf blends, having your own tea bags is a real joy, especially if they have cute little drawstrings like these. It makes it a breeze to scoop some earl grey on the run.

An electric kettle

Who has time to to wait for water to boil on a stove? No one, that's who. I don't know exactly how or why these water heaters work so darn fast, but if you need some tea and you need it now, anywhere you've got an electrical outlet and running water, an electric kettle has you covered.

A tea bag organizer

Any tea-head worth their tea leaves knows that if you've got a lot of the stuff in your house, the boxes take up so much room, and over the years, all the different flavors and blends get all mixed up with each other until it's basically the Wild West of tea bags.

You've got jasmine in the sleepytime box, and green tea in the throat coat box, and all you actually want is raspberry leaf. Enter: the tea bag organizer. This one even has a little drawer for loose leaf tea.

A honey jar

Not everyone likes to put sweetener in their tea. And yes, some people like to put sugar cubes in there. But I am personally a huge proponent of a drop of honey in my chamomile — in which case, a honey jar and dipper are totally necessary.

A tea to-go tumbler

Nothing quite like having some delicious tea to-go, my friends. These beautiful bamboo tea tumblers help to keep your blend nice and warm as you work, travel, or dart about town.

A monthly tea subscription

Think of getting new teas curated for you, and sent to your door every month. Heaven, right? Well, get yourself a monthly subscription, like this one from Art of Tea, and such a warm and cozy fate could be yours. The subscription sends you four new loose leaf blends and a box of tea bags every month.