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7 Texts To Send Your Partner To Make Them Smile At Work

I have this great habit of dating guys who travel a lot for work. I think a part of me likes it — I get to retain my independence and time alone with my girlfriends — but it can be hard to keep in touch with a significant other who is chronically busy and away. Which always makes me wonder: What are some texts to send your partner that will make them smile, but won't annoy them or derail their day? Because I know that when I'm on deadline, there's a difference between texts that feel like a respite from my chaotic work day, and then there are ones that just add to the drama. I never want to go into the drama category.

But I do like to keep in touch. Communication is my love language. You know, words of affirmation. Even when people are away or busy, I do like to know that I'm being thought of. And sometimes, that can be accomplished with something as simple as a short text that doesn't even warrant a response.

So here are some messages to send your partner to make them smile at work. Because who doesn't want to make their crush smile, right?

"I Just Came Thinking About You."

OK, so maybe this is NSFW, but people like to feel wanted. So the best way to make your partner smile at work? Let them know you were thinking about them while touching yourself. This kind of text is not for newbies. It could lead to unexpected results (like a request for pics). Proceed with caution, and make sure they don't receive tests on their computer. Otherwise, that could lead to a very sticky sitch with their boss...

"You Looked So Cute This Morning."


Texting this to someone brings back sweet memories of warm bodies, soft cuddles, messy hair, and stinky morning breath — all things you cherish dearly when you're in love with someone. So if you want to make your partner smile at work, remind them of the intimate, sacred times you two have together. Hey, even snap a picture of them when they're sleeping, and then send it to them later in the day, telling them how cute they look while dreaming. They'll either think you're adorable or creepy, but there's only one way to find out!

"I MISS U RN" (Followed By Several Knife Emojis)

Listen, I recognize this is not for everyone, but I'm a big fan of capital letters paired with aggressive and ironic emoji use via text. I think it's cute. Like I will text a guy saying "HELLO!??!?!?!" followed by a whole bunch of hearts, just so they know who is boss.

"Just Reminding You How Grateful I Am For You."

Everyone wants to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. So text your significant other a friendly reminder that you're grateful for them in your life, and it's bound to make them more appreciative of both you and your relationship. 5/5 would smile again.

"I Can't Wait To Snuggle Later!!!!"

Who doesn't love snuggles? Give them something to look forward to that'll keep them smiling all day.

"You Make Me Happy."


Sometimes, we get overly flowery about things that are simple: our crushes, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, and friends are supposed to make us happy. So if you don't want to take up a lot of your significant other's time, just text them saying, "Hey, I know you're busy, but just letting you know you make me happy. xo" It's the best way to make someone else's day.

"I Was Just Bragging About You To My Friends :) "

Whenever a boyfriend says that his friends love me, I feel like I have won the lottery. The only thing that would be better is actually winning the lottery. And then also world peace.

But there's something about knowing your friends approve of your significant other choice that helps to solidify your relationship. So if you really want to make your partner smile at work, let them know that your friends approve. It will give them a little boost to their ego, that will probably help them personally, and professionally.

So if you want to make your significant other smile at work, send them a cute text so that they know you're thinking of them. Maybe even include a gif!