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25 “Good Luck” Texts To Send Your SO When They Have A Big Day Ahead

“You’re doing amazing, sweetie!”

by Korey Lane and Corinne Sullivan
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When you're in a happy, healthy relationship, your partner can often feel like your own personal cheerleader. If you two make a solid team, there's nothing like having someone you love in your corner. Of course, just like there will be times when you need your partner to be there for you, there will also be times when they'll need you to do the same for them. If your boo has a big day ahead, then I’ve got some ideas for “good luck” texts to send him, her, or them that will make your main squeeze feel confident and loved when they need it most.

Maybe they have a big job interview or performance lined up. They might have to take a major exam for school or deal with extended family they aren't too fond of. Whatever the case, if you can't physically be there with them, sending supportive texts can be a nice way to lift their spirits. As relationship expert April Masini previously told Elite Daily, making your partner feel seen can help alleviate anxiety, so let them know you're aware of the pressure they’re under. "Acknowledge the situation," she said. "Let your partner know that you understand that they are under a lot of stress, and invite them to tell you what they need during this time."

Here are some encouraging “good luck” messages that will leave your boo feeling seen and supported.

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  • You are Beyoncé, always. You're going to slay today.
  • Remember: You've worked hard for this, and you couldn't be more prepared if you tried.
  • Don't doubt yourself, because I believe in you, so you should, too.
  • I'd tell you "good luck," but you're so prepared you don't need any!
  • Take a deep breath and center yourself.
  • You’re doing amazing, sweetie. Go get ‘em!
  • You're amazing and that will never change, no matter what happens today.
  • Hey, I know you're stressed, but everything is going to be OK. You are so capable and I know you've got this. So be confident in that, and in yourself.
  • As the great Michael Scott once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. — Wayne Gretzky"
  • No matter what happens, I'm here for you.
  • You are going to do so well. Can't wait to celebrate once you’re finished.
  • Good luck, babe! I love you and am so proud of you for making it this far.
  • Break a leg, love.
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  • Take on today with the confidence of Joey Tribbiani trying to speak in French.
  • You are going to blow them away!
  • A diamond is just a lump of coal that did well under pressure. You've got this!
  • Just be yourself, and remember how freaking awesome you are.
  • Make like a proton and be positive. You have nothing to worry about.
  • You make me unbelievably proud, today and every day.
  • Don't forget it took Oprah decades to get where she is. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.
  • If you can get through this, you can get through anything. Stay strong and good luck!
  • Go get that 🍞🥖🥐 today.
  • You have been preparing for this for so long and you are completely ready. Take a minute to go over everything and then go wow them, babe! Good luck.
  • I'm so proud of you. Now, go kill it!
  • If I wasn't me, then I'd be jealous of me for dating someone as smart and accomplished as you.

Letting your partner know you're thinking of them and have their back no matter what is so important, especially when they could use some words of encouragement. While it might seem like just a "good luck" text to you, it could mean the world to them. One motivational message can make all the difference.


April Masini, relationship expert

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