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7 Texts To Send When You're Falling In Love, But Haven't Said ILY IRL


Whether you drop a screenshot in your group message for all your besties to decipher or you reread a text for an hour extrapolating what it "really means," unpacking a text from your crush can be like trying to translate a message from a U.F.O. Of course, when you start dating someone you may quickly learn how they communicate. The more you talk IRL, the more texting may seem to flow. Still, when you're really in deep, knowing some texts to send when you're falling in love can be totally helpful.

Whether you knew your partner was "the one" on your first date or your fiery love was a Kacey Musgrave-style slow song, expressing how you feel looks different for everyone. No matter how long you've been seeing someone, falling in love happens on its own timeline. If you and your boo haven't yet dropped an IRL ILY, you may be waiting to say the literal words in person. Whatever the case, sending a thoughtful text can be a sweet way to express how much you care.

Here are seven texts to send if you're falling in love, but aren't quite ready to text the L-word.

“I like when you text me about my day, it makes me feel so cared for.”

If you really like it when they ask you about your day or it means the world to you when they remember to wish you good luck before a big presentation or exam, expressing to your boo the types of texts you like receiving shows them the best ways to communicate with you. Something like, “I really appreciate when you get back to me quickly,” or, “I feel so sexy when you compliment my selfies,” can frame your texting-needs in a constructive way.

"I've been bragging about how thoughtful you are to all my coworkers today."

Everyone loves to be loved. If your boo sent you an amazing flower arrangement or if they built your entire IKEA desk in six minutes, telling them how much you're bragging about them can be a little playful but still totally cute. Whether you brag to your mom, your besties, or post about your new love on the 'Gram, expressing how excited you are to have your boo in your life will make them feel super cared for.

"Thinking about you, hope you're having a good day."

Sending a sweet check-in message during that day can be a great way to show your partner that you care. Whether you literally tell them you're thinking about them or just mention an inside joke or a sweet thing you say to each other, texting them just to say hello is a super thoughtful move when you're starting to fall in love.

“Just wanted to tell you that I love spending time with you and I’m enjoying getting to know you so much.”

The Bitmoji of you ripping your heart out of your chest and handing it to someone is literally my constant state of being. I personally have learned that sending someone something like, “I love you endlessly and I think about you every second of every day,” can feel a little daunting. If your new boo hasn’t dated a lot or likes to take their time with dating, expressing how much fun you have when you’re with them or how excited you are to see them can be a mellow way of expressing your feelings.

"Being with you just gets better every single day."

Everyone has a little sappy side. Sharing how much you enjoy being with your boo, how lucky you feel to have met them, or how you can't picture your life without them (and don't want to) can be the perfect balance of cheesy and sentimental.

"I was thinking about *insert cute memory* today and I just wanted to say how happy I am to be with you."

If your boo asked you out in a super silly way or you both were too nervous to ask for each other's number for a month, sharing a cute memory from your early days is a great way to show you care. Whether you had a sloppy first kiss at your cousin's New Year's party or if you had a lovely picnic on your first date, reminiscing about the past can establish how happy you are to build a future with your partner.

"Thank you for always *insert thing your partner does a lot* it makes me feel so *insert how it makes you feel*"

Expressing how grateful you are for your boo is a great way to make them feel loved. If they make the best food or give the best hugs, try thanking them for whatever they do and expressing how that thing makes you feel. Getting specific about what your boo brings to your life can make them feel totally seen. If your partner reminds you to take a breathe and relax or they always know when to suggest getting ice cream, thank them for all that they add to your life.

Sending your boo a sweet text can be a great way to make them feel totally loved. When you're really falling for someone and want to shout it from the rooftops, dropping a love note in your partner's inbox can be a great way to get the message out.