7 Subtle Flower Tattoos You'll Want To Get With Your Bestie

Sure, you'll have a ton of good friends in your lifetime, but a true best friend is like a rare flower. Your bestie should be the perfect combination of genuine, loyal, supportive, and loving — and you should grow together. They will be there for you through all of the rough road blocks life presents, and have been the ones who've made you laugh until you cried. You love your bestie more than anything, and you want the world to know you're tied together for eternity. A BFF bracelet is a solid start, but if you're in the market for something more permanent, consider getting subtle flower tattoos together. Your friendship continues to blossom, so this kind of design couldn't be more fitting.

Not only do flowers make for some of the most beautiful tats, but each flower comes with a unique meaning. For example, when you see a rose, love and passion most likely come to mind first. You've already picked out a best friend for life, so the next step is picking out a flower tattoo that perfectly defines your friendship. There are fields upon fields for inspiration, but if you need a little help, here are seven flower tattoos for you and your best bud to choose from.

Forget-Me-Nots For Friends Who Could Never Forget Each Other
doretamaliqi on Twitter

You'll always be thinking of your friend whenever you look down and see this sweet flower. Even if you happen to be long-distance from your BFF, you will always have them on your mind, and that's what's so great about a forget-me-not. Plus, the bright blue color is gorgeous if you're looking for a tat that's more on the vibrant side.

A Sunflower, For The Friend Who's Your Sunshine
tooboldd on Twitter

Just like the song, your best friend is your sunshine who makes you "happy when skies are grey." You can always count on her to make the worst day ever so much brighter. Carry around your sunshine with you at all times with a sunflower tat design like this one.

A Semi-Hidden Tat, For All Of The Well-Kept Secrets You've Shared
kjxhyun on Twitter

Behind the ear is a perfect place for your mini friendship tattoo. That's where you keep all of the secrets the two of you have shared with each other, anyway. So, just like the tat, your secrets will be well hidden from everyone else, but you both know exactly where they are.

This Lotus Flower Is Just So Sweet
gabbibelle on Twitter

Lotus flowers are incredibly beautiful flowers that grow in the mud. If your best friend has always shown you the beauty in a bad situation, she is pretty much like your very own lotus flower. Keep that positivity with you wherever you go with this little lotus flower on your arm.

A Sweet Pea For The Besties Who Are Real Sweethearts
megankimberlee on Twitter

When I think of sweet pea, I immediately think of my fave soap and how amazing it smells. It truly is a scent that is oh-so-sweet, so this flower is spot-on for friends who are even sweeter when they're together. If only there was a way to get scratch and sniff tattoos. Then, I would definitely get a sweet pea for my next ink.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, This Tattoo Is Perfect For The Two Of You
callmedinak on Twitter

There's no denying a rose is a stunning flower that so many of us love, but it also has a protective side with its thorns. A rose is a perfect flower tat design for two friends who are such beautiful souls, but also independent girl bosses who get stuff done on their own terms. So, will you and your bestie accept this rose as your new tattoo?

This Tattoo For When You Love Each Other Tulip Much
chelsea76183311 on Twitter

Tulips come in every one of my favorite colors — because they pretty much come in every single color of the rainbow. I love the vibrant blues, purples, yellows, pinks, and oranges. If you and your bestie are looking for colorful friend tats, a tulip is the way to go.