7 Beautiful Floral Tattoos For Spring That'll Speak To Your Inner Flower Child

Spring is all about fresh renewal in Mother Nature, but it also means sun dresses, floppy hats, and sandals. And since the spirit of rejuvenation is in the air, you can't go wrong welcoming the season with a sweet tattoo. Flowers are going to be budding and blooming everywhere before we know it, and floral tattoo ideas are literally at your fingertips and in your backyard.

There are so many different variations of flowers, and depending on what you like, they can be drawn into a subtle, beautiful tattoo. There's nothing wrong with a small tattoo that reminds you of how stunning nature can be. Every time you look at it — even during the colder months — it'll be your little ray of sunshine that's proof that there are warmer times to be had.

Tattoos are permanent, so you should definitely consider something that you really want. Did I also mention how insanely adorable little flower tats look with your off-the-shoulder tops, strappy sandals, and floral-printed attire in general? Flowers have paved their way into a countless amount of prints, and now you can wear a small piece of one forever. Don't let the permanency deter you though, because there are plenty of little flower gems that are worth getting tatted.

A Black Shaded Rose, Because They're Always Camera-Ready
Giorgio Magini/Stocksy

The beautiful thing about roses is that they can be depicted in so many different ways. From shades to silhouettes, you can make a rose tattoo tailored to your liking. This beauty can also be placed just about anywhere on your body, too. I personally think a thigh tat is in order for this design.

A Floral Crescent Moon, So Make Room For Earth And Space
rachainsworthuk on Twitter

A floral crescent moon is an amazing combo between two forms of beauty — space and earth. I think this would look so gorgeous placed on someone's ribs or maybe at the point where your neck meets your back. Either way, be ready to get major compliments, and of course, the curious questions as to whether it hurt or not.

Even A Single Daisy Does The Heart Good
grimtrader138 on Twitter

Daisies are that one type of flower that immediately sends us back to our childhood. Those were the good times when we picked them and did the whole "he loves me, loves me not" stuff. Well, you won't have to leave your love for this tattoo style up to chance, because it's a no-brainer.

A Strand Of Lavender That'll Bring On The Serene Vibes
spaceycayceee on Twitter

You can always differentiate lavender from other flowers. Its shape is unique, and because its form is flexible, you can have it curve around different parts of your body. Lavender is associated with being relaxed and centered. This design is keeping it short, sweet, and simple.

A Lightly Colored Tulip That's Too Cute For Words
whitemixedmutt on Twitter

Tulip tattoos are seriously too cute. You can play around with various colors or keep it as a silhouette. The shape of the tulip is almost like the perfect cup, so you won't have too much difficulty placing it on your shoulder, ankle, or even the back of your neck under your hair.

A "Beauty And The Beast" Rose Tattoo For The Disney Lovers
mackenzlejayne on Twitter

How could anyone forget the fate-sealing rose from Beauty and the Beast? Even when the rose was wilting away, what it represented was beautiful and made the movie so much sweeter. With or without the case, any Disney fan would be honored to get a floral tattoo from one of their favorite movies.

A Lotus Flower Is So Subtle And Sweet
doa_tattooer on Twitter

Lotus flowers are absolutely gorgeous, especially when they are incorporated into a tattoo design. Yeah, people usually blow these up into detailed pieces, but a little one is still fire. This would be a small enough tattoo to get behind your ear or on the inner part of your wrist.

Spring is a great time to commemorate flowers with a tat, but also consider how much floral items are incorporated in so many moments of life. Flowers are great for a minimalist whose message signifies so much more.