7 Relatable Struggles When You're Always Cold & Your BFF Is Always Hot

You and your BFF likely agree on most things. You share the same sense of humor, love of movies, favorite foods, and a ton of secrets, but the only thing you can't agree on is the temperature. You're always cold, and she's always hot. Sure, your bestie is the PB to your J (but that PB is extra warm all the time, and you're some freezing cold J). Even though the difference in body temps doesn't stop you from being forever friends, that doesn't mean the struggles when you're always cold and your BFF is always hot aren't real.

We all know in any relationship, even a best friendship, you have to take one for the team every now and then. You know that your sacrifice for your bestie is that you'll always be cold when you're around her, because she always tends to run warm. You'll never understand how she can be so hot when you're freezing your butt off, but that's just something you've come to terms with. In fact, you're an expert at dealing with these seven struggles by now. Though, you're not always concerned with the temperature, because being around your best friend takes your mind off all of that.

You're Tired Of Hearing, "Aren't You Hot In That?"

As someone who is always freezing, you like to wear sweaters and jackets all the time — even in the summertime. Your bestie knows you're always cold, so you're tired of having to answer the question, "Aren't you hot in that?" You could easily ask, "Aren't you cold in that?" but you don't, because you know how annoying it is to be asked repeatedly.

Finding The Right Temperature For The Car Is An Ordeal

In the summertime, you like to drive with the windows rolled down and the warm breeze blowing through your hair. Your bestie prefers the windows up, and ice-cold AC blasting. It's hard finding a happy medium that everyone can enjoy.

You Have Different Seasons You Thrive In

As someone who is always cold, you love the summer and feeling the warm sunshine on your face. Your bestie thrives in the winter when she can be surrounded by the snow. You have different ideas of what the perfect season is, and you've definitely had the winter versus summer debate more times than once.

You Always Bring A Sweater With You Wherever You Go

Whenever you're hanging with your bestie, you know it's a good idea to bring a sweater with you. TBH, it's a struggle to have to bring extra articles of clothing along to every single hang, but you'd rather be safe than shivering.

You Have To Do A Lot Of Things Inside During The Summer

You love the summer, because it means going to the beach, having picnics in the park, and hosting outdoor barbecues. The only problem is, your bestie would rather do indoor summer activities where the air conditioning is flowing. You have to sacrifice a lot of your beach days for indoor movie days.

You Don't Trust Her Answer When You Ask What The Weather Is Like Outside

When your bestie comes over and you're both about to head out, you ask her what the weather is like outside. You know by now that her answer is always skewed a little warm, so you're a pro at interpreting any response she gives. For example, if she says it's warm outside, you know that really means it will be cool for you.

You Always End Up Being The One To Compromise

It's a lot easier to put on more clothes than take off some layers, which is why you're always the one to compromise. Sure, it would be nice to just wear your summer clothes without a cardigan over them, but in the end, you're just happy to be with your bestie no matter what you're wearing. You'd happily wear five jackets if that meant spending time with your BFF.