7 St. Patrick's Day Outfits For Your Pup, AKA The Cutest Leprechaun Ever

St. Patrick's Day will be here before you know it — and that means raiding your closet to find something green, because nobody ever really has FOMO on the possibility of getting pinched. But, what about your pup? Festivities aren't the same unless you can somehow tie that fur ball into fun themes that us humans get to celebrate. No one's judging if you want to find cute St. Patrick's Day outfits for your dog, because those are the same people stopping you on the street and asking to pet your adorably dressed fur baby.

Also, if there wasn't a need for canine St. Patrick's Day outfits, then why would they exist? I'll wait. Dogs look cute as hell when they get to join in on any holiday celebrations. Seriously, where would social media be without the Christmas sweaters, Halloween costumes, and birthday hat dog pics? Boring Town, that's where.

You're already going to be rocking your green, so don't leave your fur baby behind. Big or small, there's something for every dog to turn our St. Patrick's Day into their St. Puppy's Day. Your dog would melt so many hearts if they tried their luck in any of these adorable outfits.

Turn Heads With A Tutu Dress

Rubie's Costume Company Wicked Dog Tutu Dress, $9, Chewy

Dogs and their little wiggly walks slay a tutu like no other. They really don't even have to try. Your dog in a tutu is a magnet for every single animal lover there is. Just watch and see. The green tulle really ties into the celebratory vibes.

An Incredibly Dapper Scarf Makes A Lasting Impression

St. Patrick's Day Dog or Pet Bandana/Scarf, $4+, Etsy

A simple green scarf is perfect for your pup if they literally repel the more restrictive stuff. A scarf may manage to stay on them longer, because it won't be too much in their way of their adorable shenanigans. Fingers crossed that you can snap a few pics before the scarf is history.

A "Pet Me, I'm Irish" T-Shirt

Pet Me I'm Irish St. Patrick's Day Dog Shirt, $20, Zazzle

As if you needed a reason for people to want to pet your pup, this top will surely gather them by the flocks. This might work better on small dogs, so can you can easily slip it on and take it off fast if you need to. It may be a totally different story for the bigger fur babies.

Tip Your Hats To This Sweet Le-Paw-Chaun

Rubies Leprechaun Pet Costume, $14, Amazon

Who needs four-leaf clovers for luck when you've got a charming, four-legged leprechaun on your hands. That little beard is too adorable for words, and will really set your pup apart from the rest. Your camera needs to be ready, like, yesterday.

A Lucky Pup, Indeed

Irish Girl Pet Costume, $15, Walmart

Welcome to Shamrock or Sham-bark. Your lucky lady is going to pawsitively work the hell out of a green skirt. How is it that dogs can manage to look good in literally everything? Can they share a little bit of that fashion luck with the rest of us?

Bundled Up, But Still Super Festive

St. Patty's Dog Jacket, $18+, Etsy

Bundled up or not, your pup can still wear some green with you. Actually, it might even be a little nippy during St. Patrick's Day because spring won't be making an appearance quite yet. Keep them warm and fashionable at the same time. No one wants to have a shivering fur baby.

A Reversible Green Scarf With Sweet Messages
The Posh Puppy Boutique

Lucky/Kiss Me Scarf Bandana, $17, The Posh Puppy Boutique

This is probably one of the most darling things you could ever put on your fur baby. It's simple, but they will totally rock it for St. Patrick's Day. Again, dogs have this canine superpower to turn even the smallest things into lovable overload. It's one of their many fine qualities.

Don't let your pup sit idly on the sidelines this St. Patrick's Day. After all, you are incredibly lucky to have them.