A young woman takes a selfie with a flower, while sitting on her couch during spring break.
7 Spring Break Pics You Can Snap At Home To Freshen Up Your Feed

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Your spring break at home won't be boring, because you're ready to get creative and freshen up your Insta feed. When the chillest week of the year comes around, you'll pull out your tripod and favorite props like sunglasses and flowers, and bring all of those poses to life for social media. Before you get started, check out these spring break picture ideas to take at home, and bring your content to the next level.

If you were traveling for spring break, you'd have no issues coming up with creative content. But, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you're sticking to spring break picture ideas that utilize items in your home as backdrops, props, and light sources. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states in its safety guidelines that travel should be postponed in order to protect yourself and others from contracting and/or spreading the coronavirus. You'll not only adhere to these guidelines, but also make the most of your time at home by snapping some pretty cool pics for your feed.

Some snaps may be taken in your bathtub with your favorite drink, while others will transform your room into a sweet hotel and show off a breakfast in bed spread. These spring break picture ideas will certainly make you feel like you're traveling, but can be recreated right at home with your favorite props, poses, and even the people you live with.

The "Taking A Quick Dip" Picture
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First up is a picture idea that has only #immaculate vibes: the "Taking a Quick Dip" picture. To recreate this shot, put on your favorite bathing suit or party dress. From there, make yourself a drink and put it in a fun glass with a twisty straw. You can either draw a bubble bath to "dip" in, or simply hang out in your bathtub while the camera goes off. Wearing a chic pair of sunglasses or large beach hat isn't necessary, but definitely recommended. Pose with one leg over the edge of the tub, or pretend you're laughing at a poolside club.

The "Breakfast In Bed" Picture

Breakfast in bed is a must for any vacation, but it's also a great at-home photo shoot idea. So, when you're on break, prepare a delicious breakfast complete with waffles, coffee, fruit, juice, and syrup, and put it on a decorative tray among your sheets.

Complete the scene with a fashion magazine or a journal that you've been writing affirmations in. Take the picture from above, and pretend to reach for the coffee, if you'd like to be in the photo in some way.

The "Get Ready With Me" Picture
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You've likely watched a ton of "Get Ready With Me" vlogs over the years, so it's only right that you turn that concept into an at-home photo shoot idea. You can do so by putting your lens behind a small mirror, or on your bathroom counter. Then, as you apply mascara, foundation, and eye shadow, you can pose for candid pictures.

To take this picture idea to the next level, you can wear a robe, put your hair up in a towel, or rock an outfit that you recently bought online. You can also post a selfie of the "final look" with you pictures by using the Select Multiple feature on IG.

The "Found A Photo Booth" Picture

You may have noticed that bloggers and influencers such as @jacimariesmith have been using the Photo Booth feature on their computers for at-home pics. The result is both cute and retro, and will probably make your followers feel like they're on FaceTime with you.

During spring break, pop open this feature on your laptop or a computer, and snap a few selfies. Your roommates can jump in the shot if you'd like, or you can also pose with plants, flowers, and colorful smoothies to bring in the spring vibes.

The "Staying Close To Flowers And Sun" Picture
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After a long and cold winter, you're so excited to spend some time in the sun during spring break. Of course, you'll soak up those sun beams right in your backyard. On one of those very sunny afternoons, set up a photo shoot backdrop in your yard by hanging up a neutral-colored sheet. Put on a look you love, and grab a bouquet of flowers. Then, stand in front of the backdrop for the "Staying Close to Flowers and Sun" picture. It'll be such a simple and stunning addition to your feed.

The "Posing For The Polaroid" Picture

Take a note out of @amaka.hamelijnck's playbook, and pose for a bunch of Polaroid pictures on spring break. Sit on a stool, or snap a few casual selfies in your kitchen with colorful boxes of cereal, and then take a photo of those printed Polaroids.

You'll want to lay the Polaroids on a white sheet or super plain surface so that the focus is totally on you. Don't have the right camera for this? Make use of the filters in the Tezza or Unfold apps on your phone that give your pics a Polaroid-like frame.

The "Happily Bored On Spring Break" Picture
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Being a little bored on spring break is not a bad thing. In fact, after studying for hours on end in the weeks leading up to the break, having this time to do nothing may be super refreshing. Capture yourself just laying on the couch with a journal and looking at the ceiling of your living room. Not only will the pic be chill, but it'll also pair so nicely with a caption like, "Doing nothing, how about you?"

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