You Can Make The New Snapchat (Slightly) More Bearable With These Hacks

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If you're a quick learner with a strong aptitude for technology, there's a pretty likely chance that you've managed to quickly adjust to the new Snapchat update. If your tech savviness, however, is around the same level as, say, my mom's — or a ton of other confused smart phone users out there — you might find the new format pretty difficult to navigate. But these useful (and quite simple) hacks for the new Snapchat will make you realize that the update really isn't as hard as people had all initially anticipated.

Maybe you're finding it hard to locate the Snapchat Stories you actually want to see. Or, there's a chance you're stumped as to how people are managing to add those little moving stickers to Snapchat videos. Either way, pretty much everything on the Snapchat app can still be executed easily and efficiently... it just takes a little time to get used to. Honestly, as long as you have the patience to read up on how to use the new Snapchat, and if you actually practice using each of these features, you'll finally learn how to properly navigate the new app format. And that makes all the difference... ya feel me?

1. Animating Text

Lizzy Rosenberg

When I first logged on to the new Snapchat and saw colorful text in people's photos and videos, I was beyond confused. But, you can now animate your Snapchat text, by highlighting your caption when you're done writing it, and pressing "B/U" in the toolbar. Then, enter which style you're looking to do. Also I love italicizing everything, so I was shocked to see people doing it, while it was beyond my capabilities. Just go through the same procedure as you did to animate your text, and you'll be able to bold, italicize, or even underline absolutely anything.

2. Searching For Specific Snapchat Stories

This one's a little basic, but also completely vital: finding Snapchat Stories for the people whom you actually care about. Stories are not in chronological order anymore, per HelloGiggles, so you'll have to search the name of whomever's Story you're looking for. Just go to the app and swipe right to the friend's page. Then, click the magnifying class at the top of the page, and search your friend's name. To watch their Story, click the small circular thumbnail next to their name. This enables you to watch all of their latest Stories.

3. Friend Emojis

Lizzy Rosenberg

Just last week, I noticed that my boyfriend had a yellow heart next to his name, instead of red. What did this mean for us? Are we OK? Help?

The answer behind this was that we actually just became BFFs (because neither of us are huge Snapchatters), and after two weeks of best friendship, our heart Emoji would turn red. To read what all of the Emojis next to your Snapchat friends mean, there's a cheat sheet. Just head to your Settings, hit Manage, and then scroll to Friend Emojis. This will give you all the deets on what each assigned Emoji means, because those were always sort of ambiguous.

4. Adding GIPHY Stickers To Creations


Since the infamous update, you've also probably noticed that your friends have been adding animated stickers to their Snapchats... and doing so might not be as hard as you thought. Just take a photo or video, tap Stickers, and hit search. Then you'll be able to see all of the little moving GIFs and stickers that you've been seeing everywhere. These definitely make your Snaps much more fun, and the best part is that the selection is off the charts. Whether you want a partying puppy or a shaking cupcake, the possibilities are quite literally endless.

5. Delete Unwanted Discover Page Content

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IDK about you, but I had a lot of content on my Discover Page that I would honestly never look at in a million years. From Justin Bieber news to sports updates, there was a lot of content I would never really try and keep up with. Per HelloGiggles, you can stop seeing a certain publications or topics on your Discover Page and personalize what you actually want to see. Just click the unwanted content, hold a tile, and hit "See Less Like This," or if it's a publication, click "Unsubscribe." You can then customize what you do want to see on your Discover Page, as opposed to a bunch of things you don't really care about.

6. Add Links To Snaps

You've maybe seen links to articles or pics that people reference in their Snaps, and they totally up your Snapping game. Per Refinery29, just add a link to your pictures and videos by taking your Snap, tapping the paperclip button, and pasting the link. Now you can direct your viewers to whatever exactly you were referring to. Easy peasy.

7. You Can Create Your Own Lenses


Whether it's your best friend's birthday, or if you're hosting a major work event, Snapchat now gives you the ability to create your very own lenses, which is pretty sweet, TBH. The ability to create customizable selfie Snapchat Lenses is super simple, taking up to five minutes, and it allows for some really cute creativity. To do so, just go to Settings, and select Filters and Lenses. You can either select from Snapchat's pre-made face Lens templates, and add your own customized message — or you can just use a custom filter image. Then just enter enter the time and location for when and where you want your Lens to be made available and whether it's for a big or small gathering (it can span from 20,000 to 5 million square feet). It's super cute and a fun way to get creative.

While the Snapchat update may have brought a little confusion and angst into your life, it has some pretty sweet new features. In due time, you'll all be comfortably Snapchatting your little hearts away, and you'll be doing it in style.