Don't Panic: Finding Your Friends' Snapchat Stories With The New Layout Isn't Hard


Whether you're forever a loyal Snapchatter, or if you pay even just a little bit of attention to the internet, you're probably quite aware that Snapchat has completely changed their format... and TBH, it's tearing everybody apart. But after realizing that this new Snapchat is an everlasting reality, the best way to cope with it is to ultimately learn how to actually use it. And since you're probably a little bit confused about how to find your friends' Snapchat Stories on the new Snapchat, we're here for you with some hot tips.

Finding your friends' Snapchat Stories is actually so easy, you'll probably be surprised. First, open the Snapchat app, and either swipe right from the opening camera page, or click the "Chat" icon on the bottom right corner. This will take you to the "social" section, or, your Friends page. To view each of your friend's individual Stories, just click the circle to the left of each friends' names (their icon will be highlighted), and voila! You're watching all of your friends' Stories. Similar to the old version, users can simply tap the screen to skip to their next proceeding Story. And that's basically it.I told you, it's way easier than it looks.


The best part about the update, in my opinion, is that Snapchat will prompt you to watch the next person's story before showing it. Instead of automatically playing each and every one of them, you can watch individual friends' Stories. It's honestly a pretty great feature, especially when you're so not in the mood to watch every Story from every person from your freshman year dorm... because watching everything in a loop was seriously annoying.

The most drastic change to the new Snapchat design is that it separates "social" from "media." Basically, this means that the media you follow (i.e. Elite Daily's Snapchat) is on a different page from your friend's Stories and Chats. It sounds kind of weird (and it definitely takes a second to get used to) but after a few minutes of testing the waters, it really isn't too wild. Although it's a major change from what we had before, where friends' Stories and media Stories were on the same page (separate from Private Chats), its basically just switched around, and honestly, it's not as bad as it seems. It's a little more organized, to increase the use of Snapchat for finding interesting media on the Discover page... and that's pretty cool, if you're into that.


Even though the new format really wasn't as jarring as it initially seemed, the tweets about the Snapchat update are honestly so hilarious. Although the new update basically just reorganized itself to help users find media that interests them, Twitter underwent an immense amount of shock (and what honestly seems like heartbreak) from Snapchat's drastic and earth-shattering changes. Now that we're all total pros at navigating the new Snapchat, it's pretty hilarious to look back at the Twitter reactions, because there was literally a tech-wide panic.

The Snapchat update may have initially appeared to be a little too drastic for my personal liking, but it seems like everyone is finally getting more and more used to it. And now that I can find all of my friends' individual Stories in one place, there's really nothing else for me to worry about. Because as long as I can drown in FOMO by seeing every fun and weird thing everyone is doing at any given moment, I am 100 percent totally at peace with the new Snapchat format. Snapchat Stories are all anybody really need in life, so it's all good.

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