Snapchat's New Update Is Confusing Everyone & Twitter Is Crying For Help

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Whenever social media sites switch around their format, people often go wild. Remember when Facebook removed "is" from users' status updates, and everyone was literally screaming? Yeah, most of us are still kind of struggling with a vital need-for-consistency, especially when it comes to something as (generally) consistent as Snapchat. But when you see the tweets about the new Snapchat update, you can definitely tell that their latest changes are getting many of us feeling a little spooked.

Elite Daily reached out to Snapchat for comment on the change, but didn't hear back by the time of publication.

The new Snapchat update aims to further personalize users' feeds, according to a press release. The most distinguishing feature of their new design differentiates "social" from "media," ultimately separating friends' private chats and Stories from the public content you follow. And while the new update aims to reorganize what users see to further encourage users to find new, interesting content, Twitter is clearly experiencing a decent amount of shock from Snapchat's new and drastic changes.

In terms of the actual changes that were made, according to the release, users will swipe left from the camera to find a newly curated "Friends" page. On the Friends page, users can find all of their personal Chats, friends' Stories, and Bitmojis, which are all integrated together on one page. This is the part that people seem to find most confusing and different from the previous version, because Stories and personal chats are in the same section. Although we'll need to get used to it, comfort will definitely come in due time.

Swiping right from the camera now brings users to a new Discover page. This includes Stories from publishers and from the community, as well as Our Stories, Snap Map, and Search. Different from the former horizontal scroll, this will now be navigated via vertical scroll, in order of what is most interesting to the individual Snapchat user.

While all of these updates are actually super useful, because they allow users to find personalized and interesting content, users are merely just going through the initial shock brought on by most tech-related changes. Although Twitter is currently freaking out, they'll soon realize that the changes made are totally for the better... like how we stopped posting those geeky "Lizzy is..." type-status updates on Facebook. There's no doubt in my mind that we'll learn and get used to the new Snapchat, because as Zefron says, "We're all in this together." I know in my heart of hearts that we can make it through this major update.

In terms of other recent Snapchat changes, users will now be able to choose from a variety of new and improved caption styles. After using the same, worn out font for captions that we've had for years on years, there's now a variety of new font choices users can choose from while creating a video or taking a picture. Additionally, Snapchat is making customizable Face Lenses to personalize parties and events. Allowing users to add the name, date, time, and a shoutout to the belle of the ball, customizable Face Lenses are definitely bringing all of our upcoming parties about ten notches.

So whether you're totally horrified by the new Snapchat format, or if you're stoked to have all of the hottest content catered to your interests at your finger tips, its clear that not everyone has caught on quite yet. And that's okay! Technology is hard (trust me), and so is change. But regardless if you're a fan of the latest update or not, at least you can personalize your next goofy selfie with some cool font vibes, or you can totally up your birthday party game with a rad Face Lens.

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