7 Sistermoon Road Trip Ideas That'll Inspire You To Cruise With The Windows Down

With the summer being prime vacation season, now is the best time of the year to take your "sistermoon" with your number one. If you're unfamiliar with a "sistermoon" trip, don't worry. Up until this week, I would have guessed the meaning of this was a ritual you needed to do with your girlfriends under a full moon, but it's actually an annual getaway for sisters to take together to celebrate their relationship. So, start planning a getaway now, and if you and your sis love hitting the road, you may want to consider some sistermoon road trip ideas.

Out of all the kinds of vacays there are to plan, I think road trips are the best. Not only are you constantly on the go to see new, cool destinations, but you're spending time in the car, singing to your favorite songs and making memories. When it's just you, your sis, and the open road, there is so much time to catch up on while venturing to the next pit stop. I also highly recommend creating a Spotify playlist of all your favorite songs you both loved to sing along to back in the day.

Now that you're set on getting behind the wheel, its time to decide on the destination. Consider any of these seven road trips that will not only give you great sights to see, but have you making memories you will both treasure forever.

Drive The Pacific Coast Highway For Some Beachy Views
Todd Beltz

If you and your sis love to catch some waves and spend your day at the beach, the Pacific Coast Highway is the route for you. The highway on California's coast has some amazing views of the ocean, so you'll definitely want to drive with the windows down and ocean breeze blowing through your hair. Along your journey, be sure to make pit stops at the gorgeous Hearst Castle in San Simeon, drive over the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, and take pictures on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz.

Take It Back To Route 66
Eric J. Leffler/Stocksy

This is a trip every gal would love to take with her sister, driving on old Route 66. The highway, also known as Mother Road, leads from Chicago to Los Angeles. If you and your sis are big fans of old Hollywood, you'll love that 1950s feel of driving down some old roads and taking in the diners and cool gas stations along the way.

For something truly cool and unique, you can rock and roll on the Musical Highway, a section of Route 66 in New Mexico, that has grooves in the road so that as you drive over them, it plays "America The Beautiful." You do not want to miss that!

Make A Grand Adventure To The Grand Canyon
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The Grand Canyon should be on everyone's bucket list, because it really is an extraordinary treasure you have to see for yourself. Sure, the pictures are gorgeous, but they do not do the real thing justice. A Grand Canyon road trip is perfect for two sisters who love nature and camping under the stars.

If you and your sis are into fun roadside attractions, you will want to check out the Flintstones Bedrock City. This little tourist spot is perfect for taking some pics for the 'Gram, and you'll feel as if you've actually ventured into the cartoon world of The Flintstones.

Eat Your Way Through The South
Jeremy Pawlowski/Stocksy

For two sisters who happen to be foodies, you need to travel down South for a southern cooking-inspired road trip. Nothing sounds better than some fried chicken, okra, collard greens, barbecue, and corn bread to get you on the road.

My two suggestions that need to be on your southern foodie road trip are Dame's Chicken and Waffles in North Carolina (truly, the best I've ever had), and beignets from Cafe Du Monde in Louisiana. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it all.

Hit A Bunch Of Stops On A New England Adventure
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New England is great if you're looking to hit a bunch of states in one sistermoon trip. Drive to Maine and savor some tasty lobster rolls, and make a stop in Boston to walk along The Freedom Trail. You can also chill in a beachy town in Rhode Island, and pretend you're a Gilmore from Stars Hollow in Connecticut. There really is so much to see that you and your sis can jam-pack an entire weekend with things you love.

Wine Down As You Stroll Through California's Wine Country
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For two sisters who love to drink wine (and are 21 and up), you'll want to take a trip to California's wine country. Stay at various adorable bed and breakfasts as you make stops at different vineyards from Napa County, Sonoma Valley, and Mendocino County. Caption your sister selfies of you drinking with, "Sip, sip, hooray," because you're so excited to spend time with your favorite person.

Seas The Day As You Drive On The Overseas Highway
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The Overseas Highway is a 113-mile road that stretches from Miami to Key West. Start your road trip in Miami soaking up the sun on the beach, and then travel along the road to Key West. You'll need to snap some gorgeous pics as you're driving of the water on either side of you.

When you're in Key West, make sure to get a key lime pie on a stick — aka, chocolate covered key lime pie — for a tasty treat.