7 Unique Sistermoon Ideas To Plan With Your Number One Over The Next Long Weekend

As far as I'm concerned, two of the greatest things in life are long weekends and spending time with your sis. That additional day added onto the weekend is the perfect excuse to get out of town. It gives you more time to check some unique "sistermoon" ideas off of your bucket list. You may be wondering, what the heck is a sistermoon? Well, it wasn't until recently that I found out what it is as well, and no, it's not some cool looking moon in the sky you need to do a crystal ritual under. (Although, that does sound quite fun.) It's actually an annual getaway you take with your sis for some essential bonding time.

TBH, I really don't need an excuse to plan a cool trip with my sis. She's hands-down my favorite travel companion, and I would take her with me to every single place on my bucket list, but the idea of an upcoming long weekend (and the sweet concept of a sistermoon) just upped the ante. With the extra day, you really can do it all, and jam-pack your days with little excursions that are special to you two. With an upcoming long weekend on the horizon, you better start planning it out now with any of these seven ideas.

Get Nostalgic About Your Girl Scout Days By Going Camping
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Your sistermoon is a perfect excuse to turn back the clock, and do the things you loved most back when you were kids. My sister and I used to go camping all the time as Girl Scouts. If you and your sis did the same, and haven't been camping in years, the long weekend is a prime time to plan a getaway filled with roasting marshmallows, hiking, kayaking, and reminiscing about old camp stories as you sit by the fire.

Airbnb A Cool Treehouse In The Woods
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I remember building blanket forts in the living room with my sis when we were little. We would watch our favorite movies and eat brownies and cookies until we were too full to move. The sistermoon is just begging for you to have a sisters-only sleepover again, but this time, do it the adult way.

Rent a treehouse cabin on Airbnb that feels like an exclusive fort for just the two of you. Then, spend your nights uncorking some wine, watching romantic comedies, eating ice cream, and painting your nails.

Pamper Yourselves At The Spa

A spa weekend is a great getaway for two sisters who deserve to be pampered. Relax the mind, body, and soul at a place like Mii Amo in Sedona, Arizona. The surrounding scenery alone will put your mind at ease, but you'll also be able to choose between different massages and facials. After you're done with your treatments, you'll have a great time doing some hiking, biking, or yoga. You and your sis will leave this long weekend feeling so refreshed.

Town Hop To A New Destination Each Day On A Road Trip

The long weekend means you can have not one, but three mini trips within your sistermoon as you make each day a brand new getaway of its own. The best way to do this is by packing your bags and embarking on a road trip. Plan out a route so that each day you stop at a brand new town you've been dying to see. Don't forget to make an awesome playlist of all your favorite songs you used to listen to when you were kids, like some Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys.

Wine Down On A California Wine Safari

I bet you never thought you would hear wine and giraffes in the same sentence, but places like Malibu Wine Safaris exist on this earth, and you really need to scope it out. This is not just any winery; this vineyard takes you on a safari to try some of Malibu's best while also mingling with adorable animals like giraffes, zebras, and camels. This truly is a once in a lifetime adventure that two sisters have to try out.

Visit The Locations From Your Favorite Childhood Movies

You and your sis probably have that one movie you quote to each other on the regular. Now is the time to dedicate an entire getaway to that special film.

If you and your sis love Titanic, travel to Long Beach to snap a pic of you two screaming, "I'm the king of the world," on the bow of the Queen Mary. If you love Clueless, channel your inner Cher and Dionne as you drive around Beverly Hills together (in the perfect outfits, of course). Also, book a studio tour, like the Warner Bros. one where you're sure to find some locations from your favorite film.

Get Back To Your Roots By Taking An Ancestry Trip
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I've definitely fallen into the trend of finding out my ancestry with a DNA test, and now I can't wait to explore all of the countries my family comes from. If you're really curious about exploring your roots, plan an ancestry trip with your sis. Travel to a different country, and experience the culture you both share together. Of course, you'll probably have to tack on a couple of extra days to your long weekend for this one, but it will be so worth it.