7 Red Flags It's Time To Take A Break From Your Friend Group

Your friends are there for support and to have fun with. They are the family you get to choose, and you're totally grateful for them. Though, just like any relationship, sometimes friendships have their downside. We've all been there when a friendship starts to go sour. A friend is hardly ever perfect. That perfect spot is reserved for your best friend, so you know sometimes there are things that just don't click. It's fine to step away from a relationship that's gone bad, and you need to be able to see the telltale signs you should take a break from your friends.

It doesn't always mean you need to stop being friends. On the contrary, a break can actually make a friendship stronger. Sometimes, you just get into bad habits with a friend, and you need a moment to step away to get back on track. It's just like dating.

You may be spending too much of your time with one person, and you need a little breather to refocus. A little break can tell you that you're better off just not being friends at all. You may have started to feel that something is up, but these seven signs will assure you that you and your friends just need a little time out.

The only way to repair a friendship is to learn what's bringing you down and fix it. It's like a factory reset on your favorite toy, and hopefully, you can both come back as friends better than ever.

The Littlest Things Annoy You

When you first started to become friends, you let their annoying little habits slide because you were having so much fun with them. After awhile, the shine disappears and those little things can start to build up. You've noticed yourself critiquing in your head every little thing.

Whether they're always late or put their feet up in your car, keeping all that bottled in can be a lot. Pretty soon, it's possible you can explode. A break will help you react better. Just remember that no one is perfect!

You Aren't Laughing As Much

When you were first hanging out, you couldn't stop laughing. Every little thing became an inside joke. Now, you're hardly ever laughing. This could mean you're just not having as much fun, or finding the fun in what you're doing.

It's like if you listen to your favorite joke too much, you aren't laughing as hard. Your hangs may have become routine, so you need to break the routine to find the fun again.

You Rely Too Much On Them

You may have noticed that you are texting your friend to hang every single day you. You've become so dependent on them to have fun, and whenever they can't hang out, it's a huge letdown.

You need to remember how to have fun on your own. Depending on a friend to bring you all your entertainment can be exhausting. It's prime time to cleanse yourself, and take a little "me" time.

You Don't Feel Like The Best Version Of Yourself

We all have them: the friends who are mean girls. You may have started becoming friends because you all hated the same annoying teacher or coworker, and you could find solace in venting to each other. Now, you notice you just hate on everyone now.

Just like Cady started to change in Mean Girls, you're becoming a nightmare version of yourself. You need a break to snap yourself out of this toxic version of who you have become.

They Never Want To Do What You Want To Do

If you look back on every outing your squad has gone on, and notice that they all are something your friends wanted to do, that could be a problem. If all of your ideas are constantly being shot down, you maybe should consider taking a break just so you can get to do the things you want to.

It should be a shared friendship, where you each get to compromise every once in awhile. Your friends may be getting selfish, so be selfish too, and take a break.

You Are Bored

If you hang out with your friend, and find yourself checking your watch or really not having anything in common anymore, that's a major red flag. You could be falling into a routine friendship that's never good for anyone. Your friends are there to have fun, so boring is a plague that you cannot be around. To spice up your friendship, take some time off.

It's like a job. You need a vacation every once in awhile, so you can get back into the swing of things.

They're Always Judging You

I always believe that judgment has no place in a friendship. If you feel like you're being judged on your clothes or what you say every time you hang out with your friends, it's time for action. Your friends should always accept you the way you are. You should never feel like you're walking on eggshells for approval.

They could be taking you for granted, so giving yourself some space from the negativity will be good for your well-being. You need friends who accept and value you, no matter what. Good friends will see that and apologize.