8 Telltale Signs It's Time To Break Up With Your Friend Group, Literally ASAP

A solid group of friends is hard to come by, and if you're blessed with a dope one, you'll never let them go. If you're not so lucky, though, it may be time to cut the cord. Situations vary, but there are some signs you need to break up with your friends, and some are easier to acknowledge than others.

No one wants to make friendships with the intention of breaking them, but it's all part of life. We outgrow things and people we thought would be riding it out with us until the end. Letting go is the hard part, but recognizing your unhappiness in a friendship can be even more difficult. A part of us doesn't want to believe that our crew is no longer doing anything to fill that platonic void. It happens.

The good thing about friendships, though, is that there's always more to be made, no matter how hard it was ending the last one. Tracking the repetitive signs is enough to make you understand that people aren't perfect (including you), but you have a right to select what group of humans you want to roll with. Maybe not all in this order, but most, if not all, of these signs are usually pushing you out the door and away from your friend group.

There's More Drama Than There Is Friendship

A little bit of tea here and there about other people outside of your group is fine. Once gossip starts circulating about your group of friends from your group of friends, things turn into a hot mess real quick. Not only is it petty, but why would you want to associate yourself with a group of friends who finds satisfaction in talking about each other? No thanks.

They Bring Out The Worst In You

Have you ever noticed that any notoriously bad moment you've had somehow links back to your group of friends? Clearly, you're a big girl and take responsibility for your actions, but when your rage was ever on fire, they surely had the match. Your friends shouldn't egg you on to bad decisions that you're going to regret later. Ain't nobody got time for that.

No One Seems To Be Growing

Friends are our comfort zone, but that shouldn't mean that there isn't some level of active self-growth going on. This may happen with a lot with groups of friends from high school. People get so comfortable with that dynamic that they don't see the point of changing or adhering to passing time. Your friends should be fluffing your feathers before you take flight, not acting like blocks of concrete around your ankles.

You Don't Feel Like Yourself Around Them

If you ever feel like your true colors are always left at home when you hang out with your group of friends, it's time to get with a different crayon box. Your friends should be accepting of and know who you really are. It's not fair if you have to wear a mask to feel accepted among your so-called "friends."

They Don't Want You To Have Other Friends

Selfish and insecure alert, right here. To be quite honest, if your group of friends opposes the idea of you having other friends, it's probably because they know the friendship they're giving you is crap and you could definitely find something much better. Never let anyone's insecurities keep from doing anything that you want to.

They Always Guilt Trip You Into Hanging Out

This can be so annoying. It's funny the first two times a friend jokingly guilt trips you into hanging out, but if it's an all of the time kind of thing, you don't laugh anymore. Besides, if you really wanted to hang out with them, they wouldn't have to guilt trip you, would they?

Your Sister Does Not Like Them

For some of us, our sister is our first and most beloved BFF. We value her perspective and opinion to the max. If she doesn't like your group of friends, you need to really analyze what the hell you are doing. Sisters can usually sense your bad apples before you can. Trust them.

Time Is The Only Reason You're Still Around

We are guilty of using time as an excuse to stay longer than we should in friendships and in our relationships at times. We think about how much we have invested in this person or group, and say things like, "Well, we've been together for this long." Sorry, but time works in both ways. The amount of time you spend giving yourself to an unfortunate situation could have very well been spent on a more rewarding and enlightening one.

Your friends are a reflection of who you are, no matter how you look at it. Birds of a feather flock together, but sometimes you've gotta fly in the opposite direction.