7 Mouthwatering Pumpkin Recipes For Thanksgiving That Are Anything But Pie

Thanksgiving aromas are pleasant reminders that not everything that is good for the soul can be held in our hands. Among these aromas, though, is the notorious poster child of fall (aka, the pumpkin), which can be transformed into just about anything. Playing around with a few pumpkin recipes for Thanksgiving will have your home smelling so amazing, and your guests will be begging for some more.

Pumpkin usually gets its maximum shine time once a year, so you might as well incorporate it in one of the most food-consuming holidays. I'm not just talking about pumpkin pie, either. Yes, it's absolutely amazing, but give pumpkin a little more credit and get creative with its delicious contents before it's too late.

Even if you aren't the head chef in charge, whipping something up with pumpkin is still an option. Hey, the main chef may even give you some major props for adding a festive flare of pumpkin galore to the holiday gathering. Think of the pumpkin as an untapped source of wanderlust that you need to explore for Thanksgiving this year. Need a little bit more inspiration? Witness how other people graced their tables with a luxurious dish derived from a beloved pumpkin.

Let Those Pumpkin Fritter Vibes Roll
Simple Sunday Afternoons on YouTube

We appreciate fritters for being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is the most delicious combination of textures. Yes, it's fried, so it's not the healthiest thing, but you can manage with this appetizer. For a sweet finish, dust some powdered sugar on the top, and watch as this little snack blows everyone's mind.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup
Carina Stewart on YouTube

Soup on Thanksgiving can often get overlooked. We usually focus our attention on solid foods, and let wine or cider substitute for our liquid intake. What better way to wash down all of the fall holiday food than with pumpkin soup? The consistency is more like a thick bisque, but you can water it down to your liking, if you want.

Roasted Pumpkin Slices
Jaden Hair on YouTube

Most people wouldn't normally eat pumpkin by the slice, but it's actually super delicious if you cook it the right way. Roasting a veggie or fruit gives it a completely different flavor. As far as adding your own spices are concerned, fix it up to your liking. Be sure to try it before serving to others. We've all got different tastes, ya know?

Pumpkin Roll Cake
Allrecipes on YouTube

Get down with the swirl, and put some pumpkin roll cake in your life. Not only is this a fun shape to work with, but it's convenient to carry on the go if you are bringing this pumpkin recipe to another home for Thanksgiving festivities. Hopefully yours is long enough, because people are definitely coming back for seconds.

Pumpkin Pasties
The Domestic Geek on YouTube

Pumpkin pasties are like a pumpkin pouch of warm, sweet goodness. Despite the fact that the chef was influenced by Harry Potter to make these, they are simply magical for a small dessert option at your Thanksgiving function. Biting into that golden brown surface, only to be met by the sweet center, is the type of love that the greats write about.

A Pumpkin Medley
MissElenaHouse on YouTube

Now, this is gem of a tutorial is incredibly simple. Literally steam pumpkin with a bunch of other vegetables, and make a medley. This is an awesome side dish to accompany the turkey. If you're feeling super into the fall spirit, steam the pumpkin with some butternut squash.

Pumpkin Cookies With Cream Cheese Frosting
Fifteen Spatulas on YouTube

Cookies are so heavenly, and if you add cheesecake frosting, it's instant euphoria to anyone's tastebuds. Thanksgiving is a very follow-through holiday. Everything has got to taste great from start to finish, or you're not doing it right. These cookies are a nice finisher once everyone is lounging around talking about how appetizing the meal was.

Don't sleep on pumpkin this year and place it only in a delicious pie. Pumpkin has a lot more potential if you're willing to give it all you've got.