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13 TikTok Thanksgiving Decor Hacks From Pumpkin Pie Garlands To Fall Leaf Chandeliers

You’ll want to leaf these decorations up all November long.

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Before you start breaking out the icicle lights and tinsel garland, there’s still one more fall holiday to prepare for — Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving may not be taking over stores the same way Christmas does this time of year, there are still so many cute ways to decorate your home with fall leaves, pumpkin gourds, and Insta-worthy tablescapes for Turkey Day. If you need some inspo, just check out these TikTok Thanksgiving decor ideas straight from the FYP.

The best part of all is that these Thanksgiving decor hacks are super budget-friendly. With one trip to the dollar store, you can find tons of items to DIY your very own centerpieces for the table and floral arrangements to impress your fam. You may even want to plan a DIY and wine night with your roomies to make DIY decor for your Friendsgiving feast. While you’re getting your craft on, you can watch some movies with Thanksgiving vibes like You’ve Got Mail and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles while sipping on some homemade pumpkin spice lattes.

To plan out what you’ll be making and supplies you need, just check out this list of 13 Thanksgiving decor hacks and ideas from TikTok. With the right mini pumpkins and golden fall leaves, you’ll have the tur-key to getting into the Thanksgiving spirit.

Pumpkin Candle Holders

Who knew latex balloons could make something so beautiful? TikToker @louflores_ shares this DIY idea for making some pumpkin candle holders. Using items you can find at the dollar store like orange balloons, a glass bowl, twine, and candle holders, you can make the perfect candle centerpieces for your dining room table.

Fall-Themed Tablescape

Insta-worthy tablescapes are a must for your Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving feast. Since you’ll want everything to look cohesive, get some inspo from TikTok. For a simple fall tablescape, check out this idea from TikToker @lizlovery. Small details like these woven placemats ($47, Michaels) and eucalyptus garland ($10, Michaels) with mini pumpkins and a variety of LED candles ($28, Amazon) in between can go a long way.

Fall Candle Display

Another candle idea comes from TikToker @paulettee.m. Using items also from the dollar store like mini pumpkins, fake flowers, and a hot glue gun, you can make this fall candle display. This is great to set out on your table for a fall-themed tablescape.

Fall Floral Display

You don’t need to overspend on floral arrangements for your home. Instead, grab some fake flowers to make a fall floral display to place on any side table. TikToker @mrs_dodge_86 even usesitems that were all found from the dollar store to make it super budget-friendly.

Thanksgiving Kitchen Decor

Add Thanksgiving decor to every room in your house, not just your dining room. TikToker @malloryhudsonxo shares this great idea for the kitchen. With a wooden tray ($10, JOANN), arrange Thanksgiving trinkets inside like a pumpkin spice candle, mini pumpkins, and a vase with fall foliage. By just sitting your tray on your countertop, it brings in those Thanksgiving vibes in no time.

Thanksgiving Sign

Make your own Thanksgiving sign with just some wooden turkeys or leaves ($3, Michaels). Following TikToker @averagebutinspired’s lead, use some alphabet stickers ($5, JOANN) to spell out Thanksgiving words like “gobble” on your wooden pieces. After painting each one and letting it dry, you can peel off the sticker and hot glue them onto wooden stands to set up on your mantel or bookshelf.

Yarn Pumpkins

These yarn pumpkins from TikTokers @craftylumberjacks are too cute. They’re the perfect DIY craft to make with your besties. All you need to do is take some foam balls ($4, Michaels) and cut off the sides and a hole in the middle. Wrap some yarn around your foam ball to make it look like a pumpkin. After adding in old wine corks to the top as the stem, you have adorable mini pumpkins you can place throughout your home.

Place Mini Pumpkins Everywhere

TikToker @bylynny’s video is full of Thanksgiving decor inspo, but one thing that is consistent are the mini pumpkins used in every room. You can find bags of mini pumpkin in different colors like light green and cream at JOANN that can be placed on your dining room table, mantel, kitchen counter, side tables, and dresser. Basically, if there is empty space in your home, it can be filled with a pumpkin or two.

Pumpkin Pie Garland

If your fave part of Thanksgiving is the pie, you may like this cute garland idea from TikToker @faithhopehome instead. Using some felt and twine, you can make this pumpkin pie garland. Add on some pom poms to look like whipped cream to really give your friends pumpkin to talk about.

Hang Leaf Chandelier

TikToker @blackdoorla has tons of fun ideas for Thanksgiving decor, but their hang leaf chandelier has that real wow factor that will impress your friends and fam. All you need to do is hang some fake fall leaves ($2, Michaels) from your ceiling with some string. When it’s all gathered together, it looks like a floating pile of leaves.

Pinecone Garland

TikTokers @craftylumberjacks have some more craft ideas for Thanksgiving, but this time, you’ll need some pinecones ($6, Michaels). Out of the three ideas, the cutest one is the pinecone garland, which you can make using some hot glue to adhere the pinecones to some twine. You can hang that up on your wall or mantel.

Bowtie Napkins

If you don’t have fancy napkins for your feast, no worries. Just fold some paper napkins like you would a paper fan, and tie them together with mini flowers to get these bowtie napkins. TikToker @raushanwillms then places the bowtie napkins on some plates to make an Insta-worthy table setting.

Pumpkin Napkins

If you do have some cloth napkins, you can try making these pumpkin napkins. Just take your napkin and tuck it into a napkin ring like TikToker @pamsbeachhouse does to create the pumpkin shape. You could even stick your friend’s names written on wooden sticks inside to look like the pumpkin stems.

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