7 Cool Piercings To Get With Your Cousin, If She's Truly Your Soul Sister

Cousins are the greatest friends you could ever ask for. Yeah, I said it — and I mean it with all my heart. Your cuz has been by your side since day one, and you've been so inseparable ever since. You can't imagine a family gathering without your partner in crime, and she's always been your number one to spill all the tea to (Because let's be honest, she has the best advice and is never one to pass up some hot gossip). If your cousin is your best friend, you know exactly what I'm talking about. As a matter of fact, you're probably saying "same" as we speak. Your bond is so strong that you naturally had the coolest BFF bracelets as kids. The next thing on your bucket list might be piercings to get with your cousin.

Some people get matching tattoos, but you and your cousin may decide to opt for something with gold, silver, and diamonds instead. A new piercing is great for showcasing that not only do you share blood, but you and your cousin share something else together, and it's super sweet.

You're literally soul sisters, and this piercing could be a really fun thing to do together. Your new piercing can also be something subtle that only you know about, but whenever you do see it, a smile will instantly take over your face. So, if you and your cousin are thinking about taking that childhood BFF bracelet up a notch, here are seven matching piercings to get that'll give you so much inspo.

A Daith Piercing That Represents The Countless Secrets You've Shared With Your Main Squeeze
melancholy_mp3 on Twitter

Let's face it — your cousin probably has more dirt on you than anyone else. It's because you've been sharing secrets with each other since you were kids. This piercing will represent where all of those secrets go, and you know that you can trust her to keep them safe.

This Starry Industrial Piercing Is Essential When You're Both Shining Stars
nathalie____x on Twitter

Just like you and your cousin are connected by blood, an industrial piercing is actually two piercings connected together. Normally, you'll see just one long tube between the two, but sometimes you'll also see a cute design, like this starry one. When you're both shining stars, you need something to showcase your awesomeness — and this jewel will do just the trick.

A Heart Piercing That's Just Too Sweet
sharkgrl on Twitter

A heart is always a great choice when getting BFF piercings, because it's obvious you two love each other. The only hard decision now is choosing where to get it. The daith piercing is a great choice, because it's right at the center of your ear so everyone can see it.

A Simple Helix Piercing With A Diamond For Each Cousin
wildcatfit on Twitter

You might have seen cool, social media-worthy pics of helix piercings before and really wanted to get one, so now's the prime time to get matching ones with your cousin. And if you happen to have multiple cousins you love, get a stud to represent each member of your girl squad.

A Nose Piercing You'll Both Love
mary__agan on Twitter

If you don't want to get something in your ear, you both might decide to opt for a nose ring instead. You may already look so much alike, but now everyone truly nose you are related. See what I did there?

Collar Piercings For Some Added Sparkle
chefaniegomez on Twitter

This collar bone piercing might not be the first that comes to mind, but it's so cute. A sparkly stud will add a pop of shimmer to your outfits on the regular. Plus, I would choose to get a collar piercing on the side closest to my heart, because that's where my cousin always remains with me.

This Arrow Will Lead You Both In The Right Direction
dianaluvshk on Twitter

Arrows are always a super cute idea for piercings or tattoos because they symbolize direction. Your friendship with your main girl is consistently flourishing, and you're both looking forward to what will come next.

Even though the future may be uncertain, you know this friendship is one for the long haul. So, this arrow piercing will be a constant reminder of just that.