7 People Shared Their Most Memorable NYE Kisses, & Let’s Just Say That Sparks Were Flying

I think it's safe to say that one of the best parts about New Year's Eve is locking lips with someone special when the clock strikes midnight. Of course, there are plenty of other fun shenanigans to be had on the last night of the year — but whether you're in a relationship or single and ready to mingle, an overwhelming favorite can often be getting your smooch on. When I went searching on Reddit to see if people shared their most memorable New Year's Eve kisses, it's obvious the fireworks weren't just going off in the sky, folks.

Ringing in the New Year while locking lips is a tradition that has stood the test of time. According to Business Insider, the kissing tradition has been part of New Year's Eve festivities since as far back as ancient Rome, when the empire would celebrate Saturnalia around the middle of December. During the European Renaissance, elaborate masked balls became the most popular way to welcome a new year, and still, kissing remained in vogue. Food & Wine reported that the masks represented "evil spirits" and the subsequent removal and kiss lead to purification in the new year.

Based on these seven Redditors' most memorable NYE kisses, it's easy to see why making out at midnight has been going strong for so long.

This person didn't stop at one New Year's kiss.
I was lucky enough to spend NYE in Berlin, Germany. I made a bet with my friend early in the night that we'd both make out with strangers. I hadn't kissed anyone since I broke up with my ex 4 months ago. In the end, I won. I had my first kiss with a guy I'd been eye f*cking all night, at midnight. Then enjoyed it so much I figured I'd keep finding hot strangers to kiss. Ended the night with 5 make outs and had the time of my life. Best new years eve ever.


This person ran into an old crush.
My friends and I were in New Orleans celebrating the Aggies playing the Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl the following day. We had been up and down Bourbon Street and decided to end the night at Pat O'Brien's. I ran into a girl named Kristen that had dated a guy in my dorm a few years back. We had been around each other at some parties and hanging out. I had always had a strong attraction for her, but never had the chance to pursue her. She told me she always had a crush on me. Here we were, drinking champagne, dancing, and laughing. At midnight, we kissed. It was the best kiss I have ever had


This person practiced patience.
We went to Oxford, MS. We started at a bar and went to 12 more before midnight for 2012. I had a different drink at each bar, but managed to keep from getting sloppy. At midnight we went to the 13th bar of the night and I made out with cute girl. First NYE that everything went to plan and I got a kiss. good times


This person's first kiss ever was on New Year's Eve!
I had my first kiss on New Year's Eve! We were on an island, and it was near the beach, watching the fireworks go by. The day after next, we both left. Haven't seen him since.


The universe was definitely on this person's side.
Four years ago I got my heart crushed on Newyears eve and was dumped about two hours before midnight so my ex could be with her ex. With my tail between my legs I drove over to my best mates house for our annual New Years party and began drinking to keep my mind off things and because what else do you do at a party alone.
Lone and behold midnight strikes and everyone's having their Newyears kisses when I spot this stunning girl, just standing there looking all awkward because she was by herself. Well drunk me decided it's a great idea to strike up a conversation with her while everyone is screaming and celebrating, so I walk over there and she just grabs me and kisses me. No words, no warning, just straight up making out for the next 5 minutes. She smiles at me, says happy Newyears and excuses herself.


This person was caught off guard.
One of my favorite memories is being at a big party. Some girl just kissed me out of the blue, and we started making out. It was passionate and fun. I enjoyed myself and I'm sure she did too.


And for this person, the timing couldn't have been more perfect.
Two years ago on NYE I was out with friends at a popular bar. A couple mins before midnight I made repeated eye contact with a sorta cute guy, and when the countdown started, we just walked towards each other, made out for a good 30 seconds at midnight, said Happy New Year, and walked back to our respective friend groups. Never exchanged names, or talked again for that night. It was awesome - like from a movie. My friends were all, "Did you just make out with that dude?!" and I was like.. yep. And that was it.


As cute as these stories are, it's important to remember that not everyone is down for a surprise kiss, and consent is always important! Before going in for a kiss with someone who's not your bae, make sure they're on the same page and that you get a verbal, "Yes" from them before leaning in.