These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Definitely Get A NYE Kiss, So Prepare For Fireworks

Ah, New Year's Eve. You put on your most sparkling dress, gather with all your loved ones, and sip on some champagne. You dance to some sexy beats, talk about the best and worst parts of the year, and wait for the clock to strike 12. Confetti blasts all around you, fireworks are ablaze, and you're searching for someone to lock lips with. What better way to start the new year than with a kiss? There's a reason it's such a tradition. Why wouldn't you want to start the year off with love? Whether you're smooching the love of your life, the cutie you just met that night, your best friend, or even your dog, that kiss is beyond special. Even though everyone's being kissed in spirit, these zodiac signs will definitely get a New Year's Eve kiss that they'll never forget: Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Even though you may have plenty of practical New Year's resolutions, I think we can all agree that "love" is the most important resolution of all. If we can all open our hearts to love, the world would be such a better place. Let us begin with a New Year's kiss.


Taurus: You'll Be Getting Kissed By Someone Special

Love will be on your mind all throughout the holiday season. On New Year's Eve, I bet you won't be able to stop puckering those gorgeous lips of yours and readying yourself for your prince or princess charming.

Is there an astrological reason for this? You betcha. Venus — planet of love, luxury, and romance — will be in your seventh house of partnerships. When Venus is in this astrological house, you're essentially screaming SO material. Whether you're already in a relationship, you're casually dating someone, or you're ready for something magical to happen, you'll be on plenty of cutie's minds. With how emotionally intimate, committed, and vulnerable you can be with Venus in the seventh house, anyone would be lucky to share a kiss with you.

Cancer: You'll Be Radiating Romance All Night

Some kisses are deep, passionate, and powerful. Other kisses are sweet, charming, and playful. No matter which kiss you get to experience, I can almost guarantee that sparks should fly. Why am I so confident of this? Well, Venus — the most flirtatious and romantic planet of all — will be in your fifth house of fun and pleasure. However, Venus isn't the only planet influencing how kissable you'll be. The sun will also be in your seventh house of partnerships.

Chances are, you'll be flittering and fluttering around the New Year's Eve party like a dazzling butterfly, making everyone wish they could be your New Year's kiss. Hey, you'll probably even get multiple kisses that night with how many friends and admirers you've got.

Scorpio: Everyone's Gonna Wanna Kiss You

Oh lordy, is it getting hot in here or has the Scorpio just arrived to the New Year's Eve party? Even though your zodiac sign is already known for being the sexiest and most mysterious of them all, there's an added layer of seduction to your overall effect. Venus — planet of enticing romance and captivating coquettishness — will be in your first house of the self. Does this mean you'll be the sexiest person in town on New Year's Eve? All signs point to: yes.

When Venus is in your first house, you are radiating Venusian charm. You can't help but catch everyone's eye, and you certainly can't help but look like the most kissable person in the room. Prepare those lips, Scorpio.