These new Instagram AR filters will make your Story so much fun.

These Interactive Instagram AR Filters Will Help You Make The Most Fun Stories

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

Instagram is continuing to up the ante with augmented reality (AR) filters to help make flipping through Stories or scrolling through your feed even more diverting. If you're in the market for some new material, these new Instagram AR filters you may have not seen yet are another fun way to interact with your friends on the social media platform. You're probably familiar with the most popular AR filters, like the Disney filter or The Office filter, but there are so many more out there. From figuring out which Grey's Anatomy character you are to a game for two called "Who Are You," these filters are sure to liven up your Story.

As always with these kinds of filters, you'll want to head to the social media platform and either type in the creator's name to try it from their profile or find it from one of your friends' Stories. Although, it's easiest to go straight to the creator. In general, these effects work by affixing some kind of a virtual spinner over your head or by using augmented reality technology to transform your features. Here are some of the most entertaining AR filters you might not have tried yet.

1. Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You?

There's no shortage of filters to help you determine everything from which Love Is Blind character is your match to which Disney princess you most identify with — and now, Instagram user @TheOdysseyOnline is helping you find your Grey's Anatomy doppelgänger. With the show currently in its sixteenth season, it's the perfect time to head to the user's profile (you'll find a list of the AR filters by selecting the smiley face button above the photo grid) or you can search "Which Grey's Anatomy Character" in the Effect Gallery in your Instagram Story camera and then choose to save and try it. Once you hit the record button, you'll see the spinner shuffle through all the different characters before landing on one of the choices.

As always, these answers are randomly assigned, so you can keep playing until you get a character you're happy with or share your results to your Instagram Story.


2. Who Are You..?

If you want to get another person in on the filter fun, you'll want to add the "Who Are You...?" effect to your arsenal. To find it, check out Instagram user @vamonke and click on the first highlight on his profile or search for it by name in the lens carousel. Once you've found it and opted to save it, you'll see circles around your head and that of your fellow player in the front-facing camera. Tilt your head and hit the recording button, then watch as the filter counts down to answer which one of the two of you is more likely to get married, who is worse at keeping secrets, and answers to a couple other random questions.


3. Face Switcheroo

Face Switcheroo is another fun option to try if you want to have some fun with bae or your BFF. Unlike the previous Instagram AR filters, the Face Switcheroo filter from Instagram user @MarcWakefieldards lets you and another person virtually switch your faces. If you've ever wondered what you'd look like with someone else's face attached to your body, you can search the Instagram user's profile or search "Face Switcheroo" on the carousel then click on it to try it out for yourself. As always, you can then decide to try it again or share the results to your Instagram Story.

4. Celebrities

If you've ever wondered if you have a Kim K nose or Beyoncé lips, try the Celebrities filter from Instagram account @rxkyx. Like the other picker-style filters, you'll see a virtual spinner affixed above your head when you opt to try it. Once you hit the record button, you'll see the words "Analyzing" as the filter measures your eyes, nose, and mouth and cycles through different celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Cardi B, and J.Lo. I tried it a few times and got different choices each time, so you can keep doing it until you get a result you want.


5. This Or That

Instagram user @Confusoh created a filter that invites you to pick your favorite between two food options. Once you try the This Or That filter, which you can find by searching the Instagram account or by typing the name into the Effect Browser, you'll see a virtual sign above your head. Once you press play, you'll see the effect filter go through a bunch of different food before landing on two. You can pick your favorite of the two and share the results with your friends or play again.

6. Try To Draw

If you're in the mood to get a little artistic, check out the Try To Draw filter from @Dormwell. Once you opt to try the effect and hit record, you'll see the spinner go through a couple simple illustrations before landing on one. Without stopping recording, you can then tap the screen to attempt to draw whatever it is on screen by moving your face. You can share your illustration on your Instagram Story or customize the paint colors and try again.

7. Question + Answer

If you're looking to interact with your followers and share some information about yourself, play Question + Answer by Instagram user @ethangaskill. Once you save the filter and hit the record button, the spinner will go through a few different questions such as what your dream job would be, if you have any hidden talents, and if you have a pet. You can post your question and answer to your Story and keep playing if you want to.