7 Movies To Watch On Netflix With Your Dog That Are Pawfect For A Snowy Day

Fur babies have this magical presence that makes any situation better, hands down. When you're sick, they’re nestled by your side, and when you're having a bad day, they’ll lick away the stress. If you happen to be snowed in one of these winter days, there are movies to watch on Netflix with your dog that’ll give both of you all the feels. You want your dog to experience absolutely anything you can reward them with, and if that means an impromptu Netflix and chill session, they got it.

You don’t have to worry about them talking throughout the movie or taking up too much space on the couch. If anything, their only mission is to get as close to you as possible and stay that way for as long as you allow them to. Movie watching with your dog is a time for bonding and simply enjoying each other’s company.

Don’t forget those intermittent bathroom breaks, though! Since you can’t take your pup to the movie theater, they’ll appreciate the idea that you’re bringing that experience to them. Getting caught in that agonizing Netflix limbo of what to watch is no fun, so picking any of these flicks would be so pawfect for you and your pup to snuggle up on a snowy day.

Walt Disney Animation Studios on YouTube

If you have a dog who loves being in the water, they will love Moana. Don’t be surprised if they're barking at the screen because they want to go for a dip. There’s also a lot of singing along and other animals in this movie. Soar through the open sea from your comfy couch, with your pup as your first mate.

'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective'
Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

First of all, Jim Carey is so freaking funny. Expect to be in tears, because the laughter will be unstoppable. Watching Ace Ventura: Pet Detective will be like taking your fur baby to the zoo. They’ll encounter all types of animals and will probably tilt their head throughout the movie trying to interpret the various animal sounds.

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

Hey, your pup might find this a lot more entertaining than you think. They’re used to seeing cats who climb on fences and are usually smaller or the same size as them. Seeing a human-sized cat on the screen will keep them interested. A bark or two will probably occur as well.

DreamWorksTV on YouTube

The trolls in this movie are so freaking adorable. Just when you thought nothing could get cuter than your pup, these little trolls parade a soft spot into your heart. Watching cartoon movies are the perfect way to warm you up on a snowy day.

'The Little Rascals"
Universal Movies on YouTube

Classic alert. Not only are the kids and their little pack so funny and entertaining, but their sidekick is a loyal dog just like yours. Alfalfa and Darla are basically childhood crush goals and we wish we were even an ounce as cool as these kids when we were younger.

'The Secret Life Of Pets'
Zero Media on YouTube

Don’t we always question what sort of shenanigans our pups get into when we aren’t around? Maybe those pet cams help with that, but before those existed, we were dumbfounded about their day to day dog activities when we were out. This movie will give you a hilarious interpretation about what really goes down.

Movieclips Coming Soon on YouTube

Animals singing? How could you not be drawn to that? Again, cartoons on a snowy day are everything, and your pup will love all of the exciting things happening on your screen. The concept will definitely warm your soul and have you feeling like you're a kid again.

We wish we could bum it on the couch with our pups all of the time, but we’ll take those snow days. Fur babies are the greatest Netflix partners of all time.