These Most Embarrassing Moments On 'Friends' Are Relatable AF

We all went through an awkward phase. When puberty hits, it's kind of inevitable and being a real human just becomes out of the question. The places we shopped have now scarred us for life, and the excessive eyeliner we wore will make us wonder why we were ever let out of the house (Seriously, who thought that was OK?). But, our most cringe-worthy memories are made better because our friends can totally relate and laugh right along with us. Truth is, everyone has experiences they wish they could forget, and the most embarrassing moments on Friends remind us that we're not the only ones that somehow end up in these situations.

Thank goodness for the girls who really stuck around during the thick and thin. Every once in awhile you might pull out pictures from the days when you thought you were the coolest kids in class. Being able to laugh at yourself is so important. You definitely get a good giggle out of those ridiculous hoop earrings you used to rock, and those bulky sneakers you thought went with every outfit.

But, the other real friends who have always been able to relate to our most embarrassing realities show us that life can still be sort of the worst. From Chandler's uncanny ability to make any situation a little more awkward, to Ross's slacking social skills, here are seven embarrassing moments from Friends that will have you saying "same."

The One When Ross Shared His Sound
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Don't quit your day job, Ross. There was the episode when he broke out the bagpipes, and the other when the coffee shop crowd couldn't help but fall into an awkward silence when he shared his sound. Not everybody has an ear for music, and I think it's safe to say that Ross should stick to dinosaurs and lectures, and maybe not take the keyboard so seriously.

We all have our passions, and sometimes when we're really putting our whole heart into something, we can seem a little crazy. You should always follow all your dreams, and be oh-so-supportive when your friends are chasing after their own. Just maybe pack some earplugs — you never know what kind of experience you're in for.

The One When Joey And Chandler Toured London
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London, baby! We all can think of a time when we were vacationing in an entirely new place. Whether you very openly carried around a map, or had the fanny pack to prove it — we've all been there, done that. On the same note, we also can think of a time when we were totally embarrassed by one our besties. Maybe she did it on purpose, or maybe you just didn't have the heart to tell her that the new outfit she bought was a total no-go. That's where sticking together through the thick and thin comes in.

The episode where the gang travels to London for Ross and Emily's wedding is all-around awkward. Ross says the wrong name at the alter, Chandler and Monica almost get caught hooking up, and Joey sports a very spirited hat. I'm not sure which situation we'd rather be in, but the squad definitely looks back at those embarrassing moments with a lot of love and laughs in the seasons to come.

The One Where Ross Is Fine
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It should be universally known by now that when somebody says they are fine, they are not fine. Sure, we might not be able to totally blame Ross for this one. After all, he just found out some pretty shocking news. But, nonetheless, the double date night he hosted will always go down in Friends history as awkward and embarrassing for all parties involved.

The lesson we can learn from this stiff situation is that life is nothing without love, that margaritas and fajitas should always be on the memory-making menu, and that despite what our friends say, they're probably not fine. Be sure to check in, especially when your friends are diving head first into embarrassing experiences.

The One Where Phoebe Seduces Chandler
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So, long story short. Everybody knows. But, we would never pass up watching one of the best episodes of Friends no matter how embarrassing the moment might have been. Next to Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Monica are the couple we all want to be from this sitcom. Sneaking around surely wasn't ideal, but watching Phoebe try to seduce Chandler was worth every cringy minute.

Phoebe uses lotion, some flowy dance moves, and her infamous flirting to try and get Chandler to crack. First kisses can always be a little awkward, but nothing will ever be as painful as watching these two just barely peck.

The One Where Ross And Paul Bond
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Meeting your partner's parents is always an experience. You cross your fingers and wish on all your lucky stars that they'll like you, and that conversation will go well. Maybe you got invited to a fancy family dinner, or just casually meet without a moment's notice. Don't forget to breathe and just be yourself. It'll all be OK.

Elizabeth's dad and Ross were one of the rare, yet relatable, parent-partner duos where there was just never going to be a common ground. It wasn't until Paul declared he was a "love machine" in this embarrassing moment, that they were able to bond over some slight blackmail. We hope we never get stuck in this situation when it comes to our bae's family. But, if we do, we have Friends to thank for some serious pointers on how to survive something so awkward.

The One Where Chandler Kissed All The Girls
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When Monica and Chandler first got back from London, they were very much in the honeymoon phase. But, when you're living with your best friends, keeping a secret can be hard. Think of Hannah Montana. Miley and Lily only lasted one episode until that cat was out of the bag. And like the students at their school in Malibu, we're seriously questioning the Friends gang's smarts when it comes down to it. Did they really not figure it out?

Every time Chandler kissed Monica, he would have to pucker up again for Phoebe and Rachel (Joey was quick to dodge a kiss at the door.). He claimed he was just trying to bring a little culture to the group, but we all know there was a very big elephant in the room, and that it totally wasn't European — just embarrassing.

The One With The Routine
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Our siblings, like our best friends, have some of the best dirt on us. They were there when we grew up, and could list off a library of stories we wish would stay a secret. But, the most embarrassing moments weren't necessarily solo situations. Ross and Monica's routine is here to prove that it takes two, and that our siblings were the greatest sidekicks for our awkward adventures.

No matter how old we get, we'll always be kids at heart. Sure, we're a little bit more human now, but like riding a bike, it would be crazy to think we'd ever forget the things from our childhood. Monica and Ross might have had to brush up a little on the routine before taking center stage, but a couple rounds of practice makes perfect.

Now that they're older, the routine is more embarrassing than ever. Truth is, even past puberty, life can come at you with the roughest and most relatable moments.