7 Mantras To Recite When You're The Only Single Person In Your Group

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No matter how much you love the freedom of single life, being the only single person in a group can definitely feel awkward. There's just something about watching other people connect that can make you hyper-aware of what it feels like to be on the outside. In situations like these, it can be helpful to remind yourself that you don't need to be in a relationship to live your best life. Having mantras for when you’re the only single person in your friend group can help keep the good energy flowing and the bad energy at bay.

According to Pricilla Martinez, CEO of Regroop Online Life Coaching, it's normal to feel awkward or left out when hanging out with a group of friends who are all coupled up. "It can be downright painful to be reminded that relationships are happening for other people," Martinez previously told Elite Daily. "You can’t help question why a relationship is not happening for you." Even though feeling like an additional wheel can be uncomfortable, it's important that you don't let any awkwardness ruin your day. Here are some empowering mantras that will help you stay grounded and positive when everyone around you is in a relationship.

"I Don't Need A Partner To Complete Me."

It's true, having a partner to share moments with can be really great. However, your relationship status has nothing to do with your value or significance as a person. You are already complete.

"I Am Patient And Open To Love When The Time Is Right."

If being in a relationship is something you want for yourself in the future, that's great, but allowing the right person to come into your life at the right time is key. Just remember: There's no need to rush.

"I Am Enough."

Everyone is worthy of love. Even though it can be easy to doubt yourself, these powerful words of affirmation can help you reconnect to your inner strength.

"I Will Embrace The Teachings Of Single Life."

Single life is filled with so many valuable lessons. It's the perfect time to explore the different facets of your identity and establish your long-term goals with only yourself in mind.

"I Am On My Own Path."

Being surrounded by couples makes it easy to compare yourself to others. But don't forget that everyone's path is different, and just because you're not coupled up now, doesn't mean you never will be, if that's something that you want.

"Every Day Brings Me Closer To My Destiny."

Ultimately, life is filled with surprises. You never know when a new love, experience, or opportunity is just around the corner. Instead of worrying or letting yourself get bogged down in negative thought patterns, try to focus on the valuable takeaways of each day.

"I Am Grateful For What I Have."

According to Harvard Medical School, practicing gratitude can make you happier. So the next time you're the only single person in the room, gently remind yourself that there are always things to be grateful for. Even if having a relationship is something you're working toward, this pursuit doesn't need to be at the center of your life.

In the end, navigating situations where you are the only single person can be tough and awkward. However, being single also comes with plenty of perks. The next time you're feeling self-conscious about your relationship status, mantras are valuable tools to avoid slipping into a negative mindset.

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