Want To Send Lewds To Your Leo Partner? Try These 7 Royally Good Ideas

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Leo is a bold, spirited, dramatic sign, and nothing is better proof of this than their dirty, digital banter. The semi-nudes — or lewds you send your Leo partner — should keep this same cinematic energy. Because honestly, fooling around with Leo can feel like a performance.

That's not to say you should be inauthentic or overly-dramatic when you flirt and hook up with Leo, but you may find yourself wanting to match their lively, spontaneous, lion-born energy. Especially because they're a fire sign, Leo needs to be constantly stoked and stimulated. (Fire signs, especially Leos, love being the center of attention.) Once you're sure you have your partner's consent to sext, it's (ring) lights, camera, action. Here are seven concepts for lewds to try out when you want to creatively tantalize your Leo lover.

1. First & Second Base

For this lewd, pose in an unbuttoned shirt and play with taking close-ups of your mouth, neck, and chest. Throw on some lip gloss, a bralette, a necklace, or all of the above into the mix. These erotic details will make your lion-born lover's imagination run wild.

2. Third Base, But Hold The Home Run

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Send your Leo partner a similar close-up picture, but this time, from an area of your body below your waist. Give your partner a peek up your skirt, or bring attention to the waistband of your underwear above your pants.

3. Make The Most Of Golden Hour

Golden hour is typically reserved for safe-for-work snaps, but it doesn't have to be. Strip down, set up your phone's self-timer function, and bask in your home's best natural lighting. Golden hour rays will deliver the fiery sensuality that your partner craves in your sexual interactions — plus, your Leo will admire your artistic touch.

4. Your Best #OOTN With A Dirty Twist

For this lewd, serve your sexiest poses fully clothed — ideally in your best "going-out" clothes. Combined with textures like (faux) leather, velvet, lace, or mesh, the way you show off your body will totally stimulate Leo's senses. You might feel ridiculous playing dress up without actually going anywhere, but Leo doesn't mind a bit of costuming.

5. A Glammed-Up Version Of Your Birthday Suit

Since you're sending lewds, not nudes, your full birthday suit isn't (and honestly, is never) required. But you can still deliver glamour in a fluffy robe, your cutest undergarments, or fun accessories like sparkly scarves and face gems.

6. Glittery Skin

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Glitter can help create a fantasy narrative for which Leo will be eager to write the ending. Consider shooting close-ups of various sensual body parts, but covered in highlighter or body glitter. Dab a little shine on your chest, collarbones, hips, thighs, or booty cheeks, and snap away.

7. A Seductive Mirror Pic

"Vanity" is Leo's middle name. Play into it by sending them a sultry mirror pic. Strike a pose in leggings that show off your butt, gray sweatpants that accentuate your package, or a crop-top that shows off your tummy.

Any of these lewd concepts can be tweaked or tailored for the Leo in question. (If you’re dating a Leo, you already know what kind of melodrama your lover likes.) Whatever creative prompt you choose, bring your A-game and match your partner's vivacious energy. This is Leo we're talking about — put on a show and have fun with it.