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Take These Cute Insta Pics In Your Favorite Sorority Sweatshirts & Swag

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On any given day, you can be found wearing swag from your sorority. If it's fall, then you're probably rocking a colorful crewneck with a clever phrase or your letters on the front. But, as much as you wear these cute items in your closet, you wish more people could see them. Guess what? These Instagram pictures to take in sorority sweatshirts and swag are your solution, and they'll look stunning on your feed.

To take them, you just need to grab a camera, a tripod (or a pile of your books that can act as a tripod), and a quality light source like the sun or a lamp that's sitting on your desk. From there, you'll want to study each of these picture ideas and see how they're composed. Some will require you to grab the sweet sister you live with, and give them a loving hug in front of the lens. Others will require you to hold up your letters in the air and then write a heartfelt caption about what you love the most about your sorority.

When it comes to editing these pics, you can get as creative as you want really. You don't necessarily have to go all-out with a vintage frame or a stop motion effect. Like anything else on social media, you should stick to what feels good to you. Without further ado, here are seven ideas for pics you can take in your sorority sweatshirts and colorful swag.

The "It's Called Sorority Fashion" Picture
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The first of these pictures is all about showing off your swag as if you're in a runway show. The location can be anywhere you'd like, from your backyard to a walkway on campus. You can put your tripod up in a local park as well, to take some clever pics with a basketball court in the background.

From there, pose as if you're on the cover of your fave magazine, and work accessories and props like sunglasses, hats, adorable shoes, or a skateboard. You can hold a bunch of flowers in your hands, or pretend you're walking to the lens to get an "action" shot.

The "Fall Leaves And Letters, Please" Picture

You and your sorority sisters may already have a bunch of pics of you holding up your letters. But, what if you mixed it up and tossed some fall leaves at the lens as well? Just decide ahead of time who will stand behind the camera and drop leaves in front of the lens while you and your little stand a bit away and sport matching swag.

As the camera "clicks," have that designated person sprinkle a few leaves and capture your big smiles and letters. It'll be quite the fall addition to your feed, and a picture worthy of the next scrapbook.

The "Sorority Mirror Selfie Check" Picture

You don't necessarily have to produce a big photoshoot to get a cute picture of your sorority swag. You can just recreate this photo idea, conveniently called "Sorority Mirror Selfie Check." Simply toss on your favorite sweatshirt, hat, or T-shirt, and get a picture of your sorority-loving #OOTD after getting ready in the bathroom.

To jazz this photo up, turn it into an Instagram Reels. Act as if you're trying to decide your outfit and taking clips of each one. Then, let your followers pick your #OOTD for you.

The "Pumpkins And Pretty Cute Swag" Picture

Putting the focus entirely on your sorority swag begins with holding up pumpkins over your face. Your followers' eyes will instantly be drawn to your letters or crest, and give you a like in support. In the meantime, you'll be showing off a pumpkin, too, in the peak of fall.

All in all, this photo will blend in well with the other content on your feed right now of tea, spooky decorations, and apples. It'll also be a great opportunity to show off your front door, which is probably decorated for the season.

The "Skipping Into A New Season" Picture
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You wouldn't want to do any season of life without your sisters by your side. That's why you should take this photo that shows you and your BFF happily skipping down your street, or in the quad. Ideally, for this picture, you'd be wearing matching swag, backpacks, and headphones to show that you're tackling all of college together. Turn this photo idea into an entire album by running away from the camera and laughing for the lens, too.

The "Surrounding Myself With Cozy Things" Picture

Your sorority sweatshirt isn't the only cozy item in your home. You have knit blankets, fall-scented candles, and a fluffy dog as well. Surround yourself with all of those cozy items for this pic idea.

Hold a cup of tea in your hand and act as if you're taking a sip of it, or pet your dog as they lick your face and snuggle into a big blanket with you. If your sorority offers apparel for dogs, make sure they're wearing some new swag, too.

The "So In Love With My Sisters" Picture
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Last but not least, give your sister a hug for this picture idea while you both wear all the sorority swag you can find. Show off how much you love each other and maybe even get sappy while writing the caption of your post.

It would be super ideal to snap this pic while hanging out in a common room or making breakfast together in the morning. That way, you can look back on the picture and remember all the sweet, little times you had in between the big moments and countless swag drops.

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