A young Black woman rides her bike on a paved trail while wearing headphones and smiling.
Take These IG Pics On Your Bike When You're Hitting The Trails With Your BFFs

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You might have treated yourself to a fresh set of wheels this summer, and now, you can't stop talking about all the trails you've explored. There was the picturesque paved one that crossed over a river and the boardwalk by the beach where you went for a ride at sunset with your SO. It's about time you posted about your favorite activity on social media, using inspo from these Instagram ideas for pictures on your bike.

It's always worth sharing what you love on the 'gram. Your college besties can stay up-to-date on what makes you smile, and your followers can add to your good vibes. If you post a selfie with the bell on your handlebars, a close-up of a basket filled with flowers sitting next to your front tire, or a rad shot with your bike at the skatepark, it'll be wheelie cool and you're bound to get some comments like, "How fun!" and "Can I come with you next time?"

Everybody will want to join in on the fun from their little corners of the world. Long story short: Tap the breaks, pull over to a curb, and snap a few pictures that follow the guidelines in these pic ideas. Upload them on your Instagram feed once you get home from your adventure.

The "Going For A Spin With Bae" Picture
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First up is a photo idea that will require your partner or best pal. It's all about safely recreating those sweet scenes from movies where someone rides on their crush's handlebars. You'll need to set up a tripod, put up your kickstand, and smile toward a camera as a self-timer goes off. Take this photo outside of an ice cream parlor to make it extra sweet.

The "Pretty Stoked About My New Bike" Picture

The next of these photo ideas is for bikers who just purchased a new ride, or are looking to show off their sweet "vehicle" on social media for the first time. Simply prop your bike up next to a curb or in the middle of your driveway. While you have your favorite biking outfit on, stand next to your ride with your hands up in the air while rocking a huge smile. Tie balloons onto the handlebars or toss confetti toward the camera for the finishing touch.

The "Filled My Basket With Flowers" Picture

Some bikes come with an adorable basket. If yours is one of them, fill it with fresh daises, roses, sunflowers, and peonies. After you've arranged your blooms, have a photo shoot of them and get close-ups of the buds in your basket. Take this photo idea to the next level by adding a vintage film frame courtesy of the Tezza app, or holding up a peace sign amongst all of your plant friends.

The "Would You Look At That View" Picture
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When you're exploring the local trails with your bike, you always seem to come across an epic #view. Sometimes, it's a lake you didn't know existed, or a wooded area that opens up to a dog park. Pose with the view next time, by pointing out at the most spectacular part of it. Try and "touch" the sun or moon in the sky, or pretend to put binoculars over your eyes with your hands. Describe the moment in great detail for your loyal followers, and tag your location, too.

The "Hiking And Then Biking" Picture

Sometimes, you and your partner make a day out of biking. You might load up the trunk of your car with backpacks, water bottles, healthy vegan snacks, and other outdoorsy essentials. Take a snap sitting in the trunk of your car with everything packed up. Reach over and kiss your partner's cheek right as the camera snaps, and then follow up with a picture of you two standing with your bikes near the entry sign to the state or national park.

The "Just Wanted To Show Off My Shoes" Picture

Give your sweet kicks a shoutout in your next IG post with the "Just Wanted To Show Off My Shoes" picture. Put your foot on the pedal and have your partner or BFF snap this pic from the side and behind. Your face won't be in this shot, but that's OK. The detailed nature of it will break up the other #content on your feed.

The "Biking On The Boardwalk" Picture
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Ride your bike toward the camera for this pic titled, "Biking On The Boardwalk." It'll create a great amount of perspective and depth for your followers. You'll love this angle, as it feels action-packed and exciting. Not to mention, it really captures the landscape of the place you're in. If the boardwalk you're riding down is near the beach, make sure you can see a bit of the ocean or sand dunes to take this bike pic to the next (and dreamiest) level.