Two stylish best friends pose in front of the Duomo in Milan, Italy, during a holiday trip.
These Holiday Travel Apps Will Let You Jingle Around The World


No matter where you're heading to, traveling can be particularly chaotic throughout the holiday season. But if you have some of the best holiday travel apps downloaded on your phone, then you can jingle all around the world with hopefully a lot more ease.

In a few hours, you can be prancing through the door at your mom's place or best friend's apartment with presents and good vibes in tow. You can tell them about how you managed to score a well-priced plane ticket via an app on your phone, or found your gate thanks to an interactive map designed for just that. While sipping delicious mugs of hot chocolate and catching up with loved ones, you can even show them the nifty features on your phone and how they can be used no matter where you're jet-setting to.

That's really the beauty of these apps. Whether you're traveling to an international destination or your cozy hometown, they bring on the good vibes and holiday cheer. Get ready to check major items off your bucket list with ease, and merrily hop from charming restaurants to must-see #views. All it takes is having these holiday travel apps downloaded on your phone.


The first of these travel apps is Skyscanner, which is designed to help you find the cheapest flights. Your wallet will seriously thank you this season when you're shopping for plane tickets. The app also suggests affordable places to stay in your destination. Give a special gift to your wallet and download it, OK?


The Kayak app helps you find hotels, flights, and car rentals at a decent price. However, it's also a one-stop shop for most of your other travel and trip planning needs. Within its "Trips" feature, you can get navigation information for the airport you're in and stay on top of your flight status. You can also build an itinerary and share it with loved ones. What more could you ask for?


If you're studying abroad during the holiday season or going to be in another country, then you should download the Viber app. It uses your data or Wi-Fi connection to make international calls for free, and lets you start group chats with no hassle from the comfort of your new "home." That way, you don't miss out on a minute of the festivities and inside jokes going down.


When you're traveling abroad, it's a great idea to learn the local language. Download the Memrise app before you depart, and start watching the various video clips and playing the games. You may find yourself picking up on more than common phrases in your dreamy destination.

Trail Wallet

Spending money when you travel can be way too easy. You may find yourself racking up receipts from lunches, souvenir shopping, and snack runs at the airport. To make sure you're staying on budget, download the Trail Wallet app. Every time you swipe your card, enter it in the app and see how close you are to reaching your daily limits and goals.

Flights by StudentUniverse

If you're a student, then you may be used to flashing your ID everywhere for unique deals. The Flights app by StudentUniverse does this virtually. It lets you search, compare, and book flights and hotels that have special rates for students. Download it to book your trip home or to visit your best friend who's studying abroad.


Whether you're trying to pass time on your long flight, or you're chilling in your destination and want to watch holiday movies, Netflix is the app you need. With a subscription, it gives you access to some of your favorite seasonal films like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Just Friends. If you know you're not going to have Internet access, you can even download movies or episodes so you can watch them on the go.