These Hilarious Graduation Caps Will Make You Forget How Scary Post-Grad Life's Gonna Be


The entire experience of graduation is completely surreal, to say the least. Yes, it's boring AF to sit in that flimsy fold-up chair beneath the beating-hot sun for an hour (at least) while you wait for your name to be called, but it's still pretty entertaining to be part of the whole celebration. You get to low-key chuckle every time someone's last name is mispronounced, and you can catch a glimpse of all of the carefully crafted, witty, inspirational, artsy, and hilarious graduation caps that your fellow grads have put their heart and soul into. Fun times, people. Fun times.

In all seriousness, though, graduation is such a huge milestone, and when you finally find yourself walking onto that stage to receive your degree, it can be completely overwhelming. I mean, how the hell did you even get here after enduring all of those late-night papers, the hours of procrastination, the countless shots of espresso, and the incredibly frustrating group projects? TBH, you might feel like you deserve about seven degrees for all of your hard work these past four years, but you'll settle on one because you don't want to make a scene, you know?

All in all, graduating from college is one of the best experiences you'll have in life, and customizing your graduation cap is, IMHO, the most genuinely enjoyable part of the entire thing, because (pretty much) anything is fair game, and you can express your creativity to the absolute fullest. These seven Twitter users and their epic graduation caps prove you should never take anything too seriously in life, even when it comes to an event as significant and momentous as graduation. Trust me, you won't be able to stop LOLing at these hysterical graduation caps.

Grads? Cabs? Same Difference
catherine_lanee on Twitter

Cabs are here, bro! TBH, I don't even keep up with The Jersey Shore all that much, but I'm still chuckling at this hilarious cap because it's punny AF.

Catherine, please do not apologize for posting this on both Insta and Twitter, because the world needs to see your genius creation, girl.

A Tribute To Michael Scott
lhackneyy on Twitter

A good "that's what she said" joke never gets old — especially when it's paired with a reference from The Office. @SteveCarell, I think you definitely need to retweet this one. It's only right.

If You Know, You Know
kassiehurliman1 on Twitter

I wholeheartedly agree with you, Kassie: Anyone who doesn't immediately get this reference needs to GTFO of my life, ASAP.

Spoiler alert: If you don't know, this graduation cap is quoting a line from the Law & Order: SVU intro. Seriously, did you even go to college if you didn't binge SVU every single night after class?

The Cringe-Worthy Question You're All Going To Be Asked
andmrls on Twitter

As someone who graduated from college not too long ago, let me just say that my whole body tensed up every single time an elderly relative asked me the dreaded question of what I planned on doing after graduation.

In case you haven't figured this out yet, there is no good way to answer that question, no matter who you are, what you majored in, or how sure you are of what you're doing in your post-grad life. Therefore, a classic SpongeBob Squarepants meme is only fitting.

A Cap That's Relatable As Hell
caitymarie44 on Twitter

I'm pretty sure that anyone who's been through four years of college, regardless of what your work ethic actually looks like, can relate to this graduation cap on a spiritual level.

Procrastinators, unite! We made it though, fam. Just don't forget to set your alarm for the morning of graduation, OK?

You Really Can't Go Wrong With A Cap Inspired By 'The Office'
theofficepicts on Twitter

Will The Office jokes ever get old? Uh, well, will pigs ever fly? Will two and two ever equal six? Yeah, let me know when you know.

A Cap To Honor Your Favorite Fictional Character
horryputtor on Twitter

I'm kind of getting emotional just looking at this graduation cap, because Dobby is the purest being to ever exist in a fictional universe (rest his soul), and I just have a lot of feelings about him, OK?

Putting my Harry Potter emotions aside, though, this cap is honestly hilarious. The sock is what really gets me, guys.