7 Graduation Cap Ideas That'll Give You Major Inspo For Your Special Day

It's officially graduation season, and what a bittersweet time it is. For the past four years, I've done nothing but eagerly count down the time I have left. Now that I'm about to walk across the graduation stage, I wish it wasn't here yet. Your graduation day is a day you'll remember for the rest of your life — from the candid pictures you'll snap with your college besties, to accepting your diploma and tossing your cap in the air. Of course, you want the whole day to be perfect — from planning out the cutest outfit, right down to having a bunch of graduation cap ideas.

Your cap is symbolic of your transition from being an undergrad to taking that next big step into the real world. It's also something that should showcase your personality. In a sea of matching gowns and tassels, your graduation cap is how your family and friends will be able to spot you out. Therefore, deciding what to put on your cap is kind of a big deal. You can go for something punny about your major, or thank the people who supported you throughout your journey. These seven ideas will hopefully give you a bit of inspiration before you get crafting.

For The Grad With Wanderlust
kayleighbywater on Twitter

Writing "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere" on your cap with glitter marker shows everyone how passionate you are about exploring the world. Maybe you'll go backpacking throughout Europe after graduation with friends. The globe is so big, and there are many stunning gems that are just waiting for you to explore them.

A Disney Theme Is Always A Good Idea
shayshaymu on Twitter

I don't know one person who doesn't have a soft spot for at least one Disney movie. The best thing about them is that pretty much all of your favorite films have inspirational lines that are perfect for your graduation cap. I'm partial to this cute Up-themed cap that says, "Adventure is out there."

Michael Scott Understands Your Feels
laurencapraro on Twitter

There are a lot of witty caps out there, but this design seriously takes home the gold. Graduation can be such a bittersweet time in your life, but at least Michael Scott is a bit overwhelmed and confused, too. He gets it, and you're never alone with this Office-themed cap.

'The Sound Of Music' Never Looked So Good
eatbooks on Twitter

Many of us can proudly say The Sound of Music was one of our favorite movies to watch growing up. It's a classic. I'm loving this cap because it's so sweet at first glance, but also so over school. It reminds me a lot of every graduate I know.

'Harry Potter' Lovers, This Is Your Time To Shine
selftitledjh on Twitter

I'm a little bit of a Potterhead myself, so I can't lie: I'm low-key obsessed with each and every Harry Potter-inspired graduation cap I see. I could never choose a favorite, but this one deserves a major applause. If you want to go for another Harry Potter-themed design, try "Mischief Managed," or rep your Hogwarts house with pride.

This Cap Isn't Lying
phe_diggs on Twitter

Maybe I'm a bit immature, but I've always gotten a little giggle out of my future "B.S." degree. It just fits into so many corny, punny jokes. Of course, a Bachelor Of Science isn't a laughing matter one bit; it's impressive AF. But at this point, just get us out of here! We are totally done with writing essays and taking tests. This BS is getting old.

You Can't Go Wrong With The Inspirational Quote That's Gotten You Through College
_katmad on Twitter

You might have your favorite quote framed in your dorm room, or displayed on your phone case. Whether this special quote is from Parks and Recreation, your favorite author, or even something your role model said, nothing can make your graduation cap quite as special as having a quote on it. It's your journey, after all, and a quote that gave you drive and inspiration throughout the past four years deserves a spotlight on your graduation day.