Funny graduation cap sayings inspired by the office and Dobby.
11 Hilarious Graduation Caps That'll Make You Forget Your Post-Grad Life Scaries

Stand out at commencement with the funniest cap.

by Georgina Berbari
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The entire experience of graduation is completely surreal, to say the least. Yes, it may be boring AF to sit in that flimsy fold-up chair beneath the beating-hot sun for an hour (at least) while you wait for your name to be called, but it's still pretty entertaining to be part of the whole celebration. You get to low-key chuckle every time someone's last name is mispronounced, and you can catch a glimpse of all of the carefully crafted, witty, inspirational, artsy, and hilarious graduation caps that your fellow grads have put their heart and soul into. After all, you need some funny graduation 2022 cap sayings inspired by your fandom of everything from Harry Potter to The Office to really make a statement as you collect your diploma.

In all seriousness, though, graduation is such a huge milestone, and when you finally find yourself walking onto that stage to receive your degree, it can be completely overwhelming. You should be proud of yourself for this huge life achievement. After enduring all of those late-night papers, the hours of procrastination, the countless shots of espresso, and the incredibly frustrating group projects, you deserve the spotlight on graduation day. TBH, you might feel like you deserve about seven degrees for all of your hard work these past four years, but you'll settle on one because you don't want to make a scene, you know?

All in all, graduating from college is one of the best experiences you'll have in life, and customizing your graduation cap is, IMHO, the most genuinely enjoyable part of the entire thing, because (pretty much) anything is fair game, and you can express your creativity to the absolute fullest. These 10 hilarious graduation caps from TikTok and Twitter users prove you should never take anything too seriously in life, even when it comes to an event as significant and momentous as graduation. If you need some inspiration, you won’t be able to stop LOLing at these funny college graduation cap sayings.


Long Live Mean Girls


If you’ve watched Mean Girls too many times to count, you’re going to obsess over this burn book-inspired graduation cap. The second best thing to going shopping? Going to graduate—get in!


You Really Can't Go Wrong With A Cap Inspired By The Office

theofficepicts on Twitter

Will The Office jokes ever get old? Uh, well, will pigs ever fly? Will two and two ever equal six? Yeah, that’s a no.


A Tribute To Michael Scott

lhackneyy on Twitter

A good "that's what she said" joke never gets old — especially when it's paired with a saying from The Office for a The Office graduation cap. @SteveCarell, can you please retweet this one? It's only right.


Just Keep Swimming


Whether you majored in marine biology or you’re just a really big Finding Nemo fan, there’s no denying this graduation cap is cute and funny. It definitely takes some artistic talent to create this, and the final message is hilarious (well, your parents might not think so).


The Cringe-Worthy Question You're All Going To Be Asked

andmrls on Twitter

There’s no denying that every single time an elderly relative asks the dreaded question of what you're planning on doing after graduation, you cringe a little bit.

In case you haven't figured this out yet, there is no good way to answer that question, no matter who you are, what you majored in, or how sure you are of what you're doing in your post-grad life. Therefore, a classic SpongeBob Squarepants meme is only fitting.


A Funny Graduation Cap That's So Relatable

caitymarie44 on Twitter

Anyone who's been through four years of college, regardless of what your work ethic actually looks like, can relate to this graduation cap on a spiritual level. But if you’re the friend who got through college by all-nighters and scrambling to finish an assignment the day it’s due, this graduation cap is definitely for you.

Procrastinators, unite! Just don't forget to set your alarm for the morning of graduation, OK?


A Graduation Cap To Honor Your Favorite Fictional Character

horryputtor on Twitter

Dobby is the purest being to ever exist in a fictional universe (rest his soul), and it’s only fair he belongs on a graduation cap.

Putting all Harry Potter emotions aside, though, this cap is honestly hilarious. The sock is what really makes it one-of-a-kind.


An Icon In The Making

xoxogirlunderu on Twitter

Any fans of Lady Gaga or A Star Is Born will obsess over this graduation cap. It’s chic, it’s flawless, and it shows your people that you’re ready for the real world.


See You Later


Get creative and pair your school mascot with a pun. If your mascot is a gator, then this hilarious graduation cap idea is really for you. Calling all engineers: bonus points if you can get the mascot to move!


Shedding A Tear On Graduation Day

sydneykler on Twitter

You would have had to start planning out this funny grad cap somewhat in advance to gather all of your crying photos from college. Just look at it though, all of the blood, sweat, and tears that it took to get to graduation day is on your cap for all to see. Graduating college is a huge accomplishment, mostly because of all of the tough days and long nights you powered through.


A Tribute To Post Malone


Fans of Post Malone will want to recreate this funny graduation cap which fittingly uses a line from his hit single “Congratulations.” The cutout of Post Malone’s face is just the icing on the cake.

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