These Galaxy Cakes Will Make Your Moon Party Out Of This World

If you were worried at all that 2018 wasn't going to be an epic year, you can basically show all those worries the door right now. The New Year has definitely come to slay, and it is not holding back. In fact, it's bringing in something super rad that we haven't experienced in over 150 years — the Super Blue Blood Moon. If you're scratching your head, wondering WTF a Super Blue Blood Moon is, trust us when we say you'll want to be throwing an epic moon watching party just for this occasion, complete with galaxy cake ideas.

On Jan. 31, we will be seeing our second full moon of the month — after that awesome Wolf Moon on New Year's Day — that just so happens to be a total lunar eclipse as well. That's how you get a Super Blue Blood Moon, and it's so rare that you definitely do not want to miss it. Plus, any excuse to eat some cake is good enough for me, so why not throw a party in honor of our great moon? To fit the celestial theme of the evening, you should consider any of these seven galaxy cake recipes. A Super Blue Blood Moon doesn't happen everyday, and we may be waiting quite some time for the next one, so this is your chance to throw a party that is totally out of this world.

Galaxy Mirror Cake
Rosanna Pansino on YouTube

This cake is almost too pretty to cut into. A mirror cake is pretty cool on its own for its reflective icing, but adding in the galaxy colors makes this cake as unique as the Super Blue Blood Moon. You have to be a little careful with this one as it does get a little messy in the making, but the outcome is totally worth it.

Galaxy Ice Cream Cake
Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio on YouTube

That's right, galaxy ice cream! I don't know who doesn't love a good ice cream cake. Plus, everything about this cake is galaxy colored, from the chocolate bark on top to the ice cream itself.

Galaxy Cupcakes
Rosanna Pansino on YouTube

Sometimes, cupcakes are a little easier for a party, so your friends can grab and go. You don't want to be looking down to cut a cake when there is a Super Blue Blood Moon in the sky, anyway. That's why these galaxy cupcakes are absolutely perfect, and we can all agree they are beautiful.

Galaxy Cake Pops
Tasty on YouTube

Cake pops can also be good for a party the same way cupcakes are, because they're easy to serve and eat. Your friends can enjoy these tasty treats without having to take their eyes off the sky. These cake pops are so good, you'll be helping yourself to more than a few!

3D Galaxy Cake With A Surprise Inside
MyCupcakeAddiction on YouTube

You'll totally impress your friends with this galaxy cake. It's a 3D cake, and there's also an epic sprinkle surprise inside. This doubly exciting cake is very fitting for our Super Blue Blood Moon, because not only is it the second full moon of the month, but it's also a total lunar eclipse.

Galaxy Cake With All The Constellations
POPSUGAR Food on YouTube

Most of the other galaxy cakes have some bit of edible glitter added on them, but this one truly takes the cake for being a sparkling dream come true. It will surely make your Instagram post extra sparkly. The added constellations to the design also so cool that all of your stargazing friends will appreciate the detail.

Galaxy Layer Cake
Chelsweets Bakery on YouTube

We love the blue, purple, and pink hues of the galaxy. Most of the other galaxy cakes have these colors on the outside, but this cake has all of our fave colors of the galaxy on the inside with each layer. This is a fun idea to give your friends a surprise when they cut into the cake.