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These Are The Best Fall Staycations At Home That You & Your Boo Won't Want To Leaf

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Fall is officially here, but it's feeling a little different this time around. Instead of planning a massive fall reunion trip with friends or traveling overseas with your SO, you're searching for fall 2020 staycation ideas at home as a solid alternative. Even if you aren't "traveling" anywhere, that doesn't mean you can't have a wanderlust-filled adventure with pumpkins, fall leaves, and crisp sweater weather galore.

Everything you love about this season can be enjoyed from the comforts of your own home. Since autumn is all about wrapping yourself up in blanket, sippin' chai tea lattes, and wearing oversized hoodies, you definitely don't mind keeping things cozy. Plus, you can save money by working with what you already have. If you're sold, you might want to start planning any of these seven fall staycation ideas.

They range from romantic spa weekends with your partner to hilarious fall festivals that you'll remember forever. Vacation in style with a homemade bed and breakfast inside or a rustic chic glamping adventure outside. Get lost in a hay bale maze or challenge yourself to nail down all the pumpkin recipes. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find it without having to leaf at all.

Have A Backyard Glamping Weekend

Instead of camping in your backyard, go glamping. Get yourself a vibrant boho canopy tent ($176, or massive waterproof tent ($499, with tons of space. Decorate your space with string lights ($15,, outdoor throw pillows ($45,, and easy-to-move bean bags ($254, Make it as cozy as possible, and don't forget the snacks, wine, and a fall Spotify playlist.

Treat Yourself To A Home Spa Weekend

You and bae deserve to treat yourselves to a relaxing spa weekend. Create an itinerary full of rejuvenating activities you might do on a retreat.

Set up a canopy tent ($60, in the backyard for virtual yoga or pilates classes. Stock up on different face masks and foot scrubs, and if you have an outdoor tub, you can even set up a rose petal bath. Then, alternate giving each other lavender-scented massages ($34, while sipping champagne cocktails.

Create Your Very Own New England Bed And Breakfast

Plan a romantic "getaway" for you and your partner without having to pack your bags. Turn your space into a New England-style bed and breakfast you'll truly never want to leave.

Serve up a scrumptious breakfast in bed, complete with Belgian waffles, bacon, scrambled eggs, and pumpkin muffins on a vintage platter ($15, and a fresh fall bouquet. Then, plan a day full of adventures such as wine tasting in your backyard, a game of bocce, a fall foliage-filled walk around your neighborhood, and stargazing with s'mores.

Recreate A Farm In Your Backyard, Complete With A Maze

You usually love going to the local farm to pick out pumpkins, get lost in a hay bale maze, and enjoy warm apple cider doughnuts. This year, though, you can enjoy all your favorite farm activities right in your backyard.

Make homemade kettle corn and apple cider to savor while you get lost in a maze made from furniture, cardboard boxes, and sheets. If it's close to Halloween, carve pumpkins you picked out from the store or try painting your gourds for something new and Insta-worthy.

Get Spooky With A Halloween-Themed Weekend
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If Halloween is your favorite holiday, plan a spooktacular staycation that's totally on theme. Schedule backyard spooky movies to stream on a projector while you and bae are wrapped up in the coziest of blankets. Make a variety of Halloween treats, such as candy corn cookies and poison candy apples, too. Get all dressed up in different costumes for a Halloween-inspired photoshoot, and dance to a frightfully fun Spotify playlist under the moonlight.

Put Together Your Own Fall Film Festival

Between nostalgic films you love to rewatch to Halloween classics, there are a bunch of movies on your must-watch list. Cross off a bunch of them by planning a backyard film festival. Set up a cozy area with blankets, string lights, and shag poufs ($250, Make pumpkin spice cheesecake popcorn to enjoy during your flicks, and don't forget to make your very own step and repeat backdrop. It wouldn't be a true film festival without red carpet snaps for Insta.

Set Up An Autumn Fair In Your Backyard

No need to wait for the county fair to come to town, because you can make one in your backyard. Set up carnival games like a bean bag toss and lawn bowling ($10, Put together a cozy seat for you and your partner to sit in while you watch a virtual ferris wheel ride wrapped up in a fleece throw blanket ($38, Whip up some fair food as well, such as deep-fried Oreos and corn dogs.

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