If You're Feeling Bored & Lazy, These 7 Easy Things Will Definitely Do The Trick

Javier Díez, Stocksy

Let's be honest: The world is so beautiful and wide. There are always sandy beaches you haven't been to, people you haven't met, and amazing cups of coffee you haven't sipped. There are trips on your bucket list that are desperately wanting to be planned, and passport stamps you've pinky promised your bestie you'll get. But on an average weekend, when you're hanging at home and feelin' lazy AF, it's easy to feel, well, a little bored. It's easy to look around and think, "Ugh. What am I going to do today?" I have a few ideas — some easy things to do when you're bored, but don't really want to do much.

Do you want all of the details? Of course! First, though, you want to grab an oversized blanket and your favorite crewneck sweatshirt, and snuggle up. You want to track down your pup who's always down to take a nap or watch a movie with you, and put on an episode of Friends in the background. You also want to pull your laptop out of your backpack and into your bed.

Truth is, normally when you're bored, you might just online shop and fill your cart up to the brim, or aimlessly scroll through Instagram. You watch travel vlogs and save new recipes to try. Every once in a while, you might mess around with your makeup and read a good book, too. Can I suggest these seven things for when you're feeling bored and lazy?

Make A Mood Or Inspiration Board

Every time I'm bored, I find myself on Instagram. I spend hours scrolling through the feeds of influencers and bloggers who are seemingly doing so much more than me. I go back to their older posts and videos from their trips to Thailand, Bali, and Portugal. And I always think to myself, "I should save this for later."

That's where a mood or inspiration board comes in. It's a creative space where you can manifest all of your ideas and save your #inspo for another time. If you're feeling bored, make one on your phone or in a picture frame you can hang in your room. Fill it with Polaroids of memories you want to have, or magazine clips of places you want to go. (Little to no effort required.)

Go Walking On A Scenic Trail

Sometimes when you're feeling lazy, you really just need a breath of fresh air. You need a change of scenery, or a view that's different than the one right outside your window. You need an experience that will energize you, and get you back in touch with nature.

Sure, you could go hiking or even for a bike ride in your city or town. But, I'd suggest going for a walk on a scenic trail, or one near a local reservoir. It's much more casual, and something you can bring a bestie along for, too. (Um, yes please!)

Start A New Television Series

During the week when you're sitting at a meeting at work or in a lecture at school, you're always texting your besties messages like, "I wish I could go home and catch up on season three of Queer Eye." You're adding shows like Insecure, Broad City, and Game of Thrones to a note on your phone titled, "Must See ASAP."

What are you waiting for? There are so many television series to watch and so little time. And right now, you're feeling bored, lazy, and more than ready to indulge in some quality entertainment. So, grab a bowl of popcorn, shut the blinds, and hit play. You won't regret it.

Clean And Organize Your Apartment

Cleaning and organizing your apartment is probably the last thing you want to do, like, ever. But, when you're bored and have nothing else to do, it can be exactly the activity you're looking for.

Dusting and vacuuming will make you feel productive and like you made the most of your time, and doing your laundry will check something off your to-do list for the week. Going through the containers in your fridge may energize you to make yourself something exciting for dinner. And moving around your furniture might inspire you to go thrift shopping for some decor you've been wanting to get. (Sounds good to me!)

Do Research For A Trip You Want To Take

Your bucket list keeps getting longer and longer. In the past few months alone, you've made so many mental notes of the most Instagram-worthy destinations and excursions you can go on. (Anyone want to go swimming in a sea cave, or on an adventure on the West Coast?) But, you've yet to book any plane tickets or look into these dreamy trips you want to take.

Stop making excuses like, "I've been so busy," or "I'll do it later," and channel your boredom into wanderlust. Research the hotels or Airbnbs you can stay at and the prices of museum passes or tours that have been on your mind. Then, text your bestie and make one these trips happen for real.

Catch Up On Some Extra Sleep

Being bored may be a very new thing for you. Usually, your planner is jam-packed with photo shoots with your friends, studying, or Saturday nights out on the town. You're normally running to the mall to pick up a new outfit, or at your bestie's apartment for hours on end.

That's all well and good. But, I suggest taking advantage of this spare time to relax and catch up on some extra sleep. Take your makeup off, surround yourself with pillows, and turn on your salt lamp. You deserve to take a break, even if it's not what you're used to.

Call A Bestie Who You Haven't Talked To In A While

Last but not least, when you're bored and really don't want to do much, call up a bestie who you haven't talked to in a while. This may be someone that you know from school, but recently moved far away, or even one of your cousins who you're close with. Ask them how things are going in their life and listen intently from the comfort of your bed.

Send them memes you think they would like and talk about the snacks you picked up at the grocery store. Laugh about the memories you made and maybe even make plans for the near future.

Being bored and lazy can, and should, be relaxing and rewarding. (You heard it here first!) Give these things a try, and you'll experience that for yourself.