These Easy Mother's Day Recipes Are Impressive AF If You're Making Brunch At Home

Your mom is a queen, and with Mother's Day right around the corner, it's time to think of the ways to celebrate her royal highness. Finding the right gift can be a bit of a challenge if you're on a tight budget, so instead, consider preparing Mom a delicious home-cooked meal. Breakfast in bed is a great way to tell your hardworking mom to just sit back, relax, and enjoy as you provide some tasty food to eat. Even if you're not a pro chef, there are some easy meals to cook your mom for Mother's Day that she will absolutely love.

I will admit, I'm not a cook at all. The best I can do is maybe some pancakes from a box, but these seven recipes on YouTube are actually simple enough that any novice chef, like me, can master. When I was growing up, breakfast in bed was a tradition in my family. The goal was to make our mom feel totally pampered, and it was the least we could do. Mothers work so hard for us every day, so not only will yours love a home-cooked meal, but she'll appreciate the effort you put into making her day special. Showing you care is all that counts, but you know she won't deny a tasty AF brunch.

Add All Of Mom's Favorites To These Baked Eggs
The Domestic Geek on YouTube

This baked egg recipe is easier than scrambled eggs and omelets, because all it really takes is putting some ingredients in a bowl, cracking the eggs, and putting it in the oven to bake. No extra whipping or flipping needed. Make sure to add in your mom's favorites like ham, asparagus, spinach, and cheese, so she gets everything she wants in one yummy dish.

Pizza Rolls For The Mom Who's Stolen A Pizza Your Heart
Talitha Grace on YouTube

You are eternally grateful for all of those pizza bites your mom made for you after school growing up. She was your snack superhero, so it's only appropriate you whip up these homemade pizza rolls. Mom has stolen a pizza your heart, so it's the least you could do.

Serve Up A Three-Course Meal With This Spring Menu
Kin Community on YouTube

Go above and beyond with this three-course brunch menu for your mom. I know it sounds overwhelming for someone who's not really skilled in the kitchen, but believe me, it's all easy to follow along with. You'll be patting yourself on the back for pulling this all together like a boss, and honestly, it'll be worth it to see the smile on your mom's face.

This Waffle Nutella-Stuffed French Toast Is So Sweet For Your Mom
Mommy Is A Chef on YouTube

Yeah, you heard that right. A waffle nutella-stuffed French toast is here to slay the brunch game. It's almost too good to be true, just like your mom. Snap a pic for the 'Gram after you organize this on the plate, because you'll want to show off your sweet treat.

Ham And Swiss Puff Pastry Bundles Will Bring Your Mom Bundles Of Joy
The Domestic Geek on YouTube

These puff pastry bundles are too delicious to pass up. Your mom will love the extra effort you put in by adding her favorite ingredients to the pastry, and the best news is it only takes about 15 minutes to cook. Finish off this brunch meal with the scrambled eggs and a fresh fruit salad recipe that are also featured in this video. Mom's plate will be full of love.

Candied Sausage For The Sweetest Mom Ever
MissLizHeart on YouTube

This video has so many great recipes in it, like French toast, melon juice, and baked eggs. It's got it all for an entire breakfast meal for your mom, but the unique dish that caught my eye is the candied sausage. Just like Hannah Montana, this dish has "the best of both worlds," so it's perfect for the mom who loves both sweet and savory things.

This Breakfast Sandwich Has It All
Malaika Malz on YouTube

Real talk: You can't go wrong with a breakfast sandwich. It has pretty much every ingredient you'd want between two pieces of bread. Your mom will appreciate the work you put into making this magnificent breakfast sandwich with avocado, salmon, scrambled eggs, and cheese. It truly has it all, so of course it's totally fitting for the mom who deserves it all.