The Best Mother's Day Cocktails To Toast To Your Bestie Since Day One

by Tessa Harvey

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate Mother's Day is by doing something sweet and casual for Mom at home. Whether that means starting off the morning with an intimate brunch at your place, planning an afternoon picnic in the backyard, or having a toast in the kitchen before your lunch reservations, your day will be complete with a few key touches. That means having a fresh flower bouquet and a few cocktail recipes ready to go for your day one. We're talking the upgraded version of bringing Mom breakfast in bed when you were a kid. You'll need creative ideas for Mother's Day cocktails that'll put a smile on Mom's face, and I have you covered.

If you think about it, making cocktails for Mother's Day is really the perfect activity. You can get Mom involved in the kitchen, or make it a surprise with your siblings. I'm thinking a DIY cocktail bar on the patio is the way to go. Don't you agree? Imagine the look on her face!

These seven drink options are total crowd pleasers. Who can say no to a refreshing, sparkling cocktail on a sunny day? It'll be difficult to pick just one, so if you can't decide, give all of them a try.

Sparkling Cider And Blackberry Whiskey Cocktail
Everyday Gourmet With Blakely on YouTube

This sparkling cider and blackberry whiskey cocktail sounds so delicious. All you'll have to do is puree the blackberries, combine them with the whiskey and sparkling cider, and then garnish each mason jar with fresh blackberries. If you have kids in the fam, nix the whiskey, and the mocktail version will be just as good. It's a win-win.

A Twist On Your Favorite Brunch Drink
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

If your mom has a soft spot for mimosas, this recipe puts a tropical twist on her favorite brunch drink. She'll love sipping on this cocktail, which spotlights pineapple juice, champagne, grenadine, and coconut rum. Mom might even feel as though she's been transported to the beach. Don't forget to add a colorful umbrella to each glass for the full effect.

Rosé Is Essential For Mother's Day on YouTube

When has rosé ever steered you wrong in a cocktail? That's what I thought: Never. Prior to this, I had never heard of a rosé margarita, but now I'm so here for it.

You'll need tequila, lime juice, agave syrup (for added sweetness), sliced strawberries and limes, and of course, your mom's favorite bottle of sparkling rosé. The finished product looks so Instagram-worthy garnished with sugar and strawberries, you just might have to snap a picture of Mom holding her glass.

White Sangria With Mango And Berries
Downshiftology on YouTube

This cocktail is easy to make and totally delicious, which is really all you need in your Mother's Day drink. It's also customizable. This recipe uses mango, oranges, strawberries, raspberries, and apples for the fruit, but you can switch up the fruit based off of Mom's favorites. After that, you'll need orange-flavored liqueur and a bottle of white wine. Don't forget to let it chill for awhile to really let those flavors set in.

Spring Blossom Cocktail
Bird's Party on YouTube

What says "spring" more than a Cherry Blossom? This pretty drink brings on all the springtime feels. You'll need cherry brandy, gin, lemon juice, sparkling lemonade, and a little bit of grenadine. Find a pretty (and edible) blossom to top it off, and you're all set.

Cucumber And Mint Mojito
Will Cook For Friends on YouTube

In the warmer months, so many of us opt for mojitos. That's why they make a perfect option for your Mother's Day celebrations. Mom will honestly feel like she's relaxing at a spa. For this recipe, you'll need cucumber, mint, lime, simple syrup, white rum, and sparkling water. Cheers!

Kir Royale
Mario Batali on YouTube

If you'd rather go for a simpler recipe that'll make Mom feel so regal, this is the one for you. This fancy Kir Royale cocktail only requires three ingredients: champagne, raspberries, and crème de crassis. Keep your ingredients chilled for a refreshing treat. Mom will fall in love within the first sip, you'll love how easy it is.