Make These Millennial Pink Drinks At Home For The Most Extra Pool Party

by Tessa Harvey

Summertime is party time. There's no limit to the outdoor fun you can plan with friends, and sunny days create the greatest of vibes. It's prime time to soak up some vitamin D. If you're lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, it's pretty much your responsibility to host a few pool parties with friends, and whip up a little more than a few millennial pink drinks.

I know, it sounds super extra. But an epic start to summer calls for a little bit of extra. It's a season to be extra with your sunglasses (the bigger the better), extra with attitude (those Instagram captions should be on point), and really extra with the summer pool party drinks you choose to serve. Millennial pink drinks are so perfect to serve at your pool party: They're cute, chill, and guaranteed to make a splash. Your guests will love every one of them because they will taste so divine and will brighten up their Instagram in so many ways.

Whether you prefer your drinks frozen, iced, or refreshing and boozy (for my over-21 gals), these millennial pink drinks can help you out. These six recipes will be a prime choice for your bar menu, and you will want to make one to quench your thirst ASAP.

When You Need Something Light And Refreshing
Krist Soup on YouTube

The Starbucks Pink Drink took social media by stomr, and honestly, I can see why. The bright the pink color looks yummy, and this recipe makes it so easy to recreate it on your own for you and the squad. It's made with your favorite fruit of choice (strawberries and raspberries will not disappoint), tea, water, white grape juice, unsweetened coconut milk, and blue agave nectar if you're looking for some added sweetness. You'll be sipping on your DIY Starbucks in no time.

You Can Never Go Wrong With A Frozen Pink Lemonade Marg
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

I mean, if you don't like margaritas, I'm not sure we can be friends. I've never seen one as cute as this, so obviously it should be at everyone's pool party this summer. It's as easy as blending ice, adding frozen pink lemonade, tequila, and Grand Marnier. Your girls will want you to keep them coming all day long.

I'll Be Dreaming About This Pink Drink
Common Man Cocktails on YouTube

I'll be honest, drinking a Cosmopolitan makes you feel fancy AF. So if being extra is your goal, this is the millennial pink drink of choice. All you need for this one is vodka, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice and triple sec. Don't forget to add a slice of lime on the side — because garnishing and Instagram-worthy go hand in hand.

Because The Pink Starbursts Are Actually The Best
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

Who wouldn't want pink shots at a party? These millennial pink little ones are topped with pink Starbursts. They not only look sweet, they taste amazing, too.

Don't forget pink sugar and corn syrup for the glass. The shot itself is made with vanilla vodka, watermelon pucker, and a sweet and sour cocktail mix. The verdict: it sounds tropical and tastes amazing.

There Are Raspberries In This, So You Know It'll Be Good
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

This is the ultimate summer pool party refresher. Imagine drinking this while sitting back in a lounge chair or on a pink pool float. Tan the day the away with your BFFs and champagne pink lemonade, because it's summer and you can.

This pitcher is filled with frozen pink lemonade, raspberry vodka, a big handful of raspberries, champagne, and Sprite. I'll take one to go, please.

If You're Feeling Tropical
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

This drink might be a little more on the darker shade of millennial pink, but it is so worth being on this list. Just to give you a taste, the ingredients include muddled cucumber, lime juice, prickly pear puree, egg whites, simple syrup, and vodka. Seriously — we are ready to embrace the pretty in pink life.