7 Birthday Traditions To Start With Your Sister ASAP That Truly Take The Cake

It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, I'm not talking about Christmas — I'm talking about your birthday. Everyone has one, and everyone should get hyped about celebrating it to the nines. It's not just about getting another year older; it's your time to take a moment and shine that much-deserved spotlight on yourself. You have graced this Earth with your presence, and your birthday truly is a present for everyone. Of course, you have to spend your day with the people you love the most in this world. That's why there are some birthday traditions to start with your sister, and continue them forever.

You and your sis might have birthdays not far apart from each other, or you may even share the same birthday. Regardless, it's time to start some special traditions just for you two that goes beyond the birthday cakes, candles, and sentimental cards. These seven birthday traditions are unique and special ways that you two can party and celebrate in the most sisterly way possible.

You're thankful your sister was born, because it meant growing up with a best friend by your side. So, celebrating her birthday is a celebration for you as well. Blow out those candles, make your wish, and hope for the best year to come.

Put Together A Scavenger Hunt

Set up a birthday scavenger hunt around town. It can involve inside jokes between you two as the clues, so no one else will get them. At each new stop, have a present waiting for your sis — like a cupcake or a new charm for her friendship bracelet. By the time she reaches the final clue, she'll have some pretty dope presents to ring in her special day.

Bury A Time Capsule Together

Take a selfie, wrap a meaningful gift, write a letter to your sister, and put it all in a time capsule. On her birthday, dig up the capsule from the previous year to see how far you two have come and how much has changed in 365 days.

At the end of all her birthday celebrations, prepare the capsule for the following year. It'll be so much fun revisiting what you buried for each other, because you may have forgotten.

Count Down The Days With Presents

A chocolate advent calendar is the best way to count down the days until Christmas. Find a fun way to count down the days until your sister's birthday. Wrap tiny gifts — like nail polish or her fave baked goods — for her each day with the number of days left on the wrapping paper. Start a week out, and on the final day, that's when you hand your sister her big birthday present.

Paint A New Coffee Mug For Each Birthday

Spending the afternoon at a paint your own pottery place is so much fun. You get to let your creativity shine, while also relaxing, sipping on some wine (if it's BYOB), and hanging out with your favorite person.

Find a paint your own pottery place near you, and visit it each year. Mark your mug with what year it is, along with a unique design symbolic to the beautiful bond you share with your sis.

Go On A Shopping Trip For The Perfect Birthday Outfit

Who doesn't love a good excuse to go shopping? Retail therapy is a real thing, and we need it. Make it a tradition to go shopping every year for a new birthday outfit with your sis. You definitely need that statement dress for when you walk into your own party. Get ready to slay your day, girlfriend.

Have Breakfast In Bed With Funfetti Pancakes
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Start your birthday off right with some breakfast in bed. Make your sister a cup of coffee and Funfetti pancakes with whipped cream to top, because every meal on your birthday should be cake. You both will love being treated like a queen for the day, and you deserve it.

Be The First One To Text Her "Happy Birthday" At Midnight

Make it your mission every year to be the very first person to text your sister "Happy Birthday." Even if you live in different time zones, remembering to text right as the clock strikes midnight will remind her that you are always thinking of her and are there to celebrate her day. Throw in a funny Gif as well to make that birthday text really something extra.