7 Virtual Reality Games To Try ASAP For All The Laughs & "Whoas"

For those who love video games, virtual reality takes their experience to the next level. It allows you to be completely immersed in the action and enter a world where there are lightsabers in your hands, or you have the ability to fly. If you've just purchased a headset and are looking for the best virtual reality games to test out, look no further than the hot and trendy ones on the market. They'll make you laugh and say, "Whoa," all while standing in your living room.

Truth be told, virtual reality games can have an adjustment period. Once you put the headset on, you may want explore a national park on Google Earth, or participate in a practice run to get comfortable with your new surroundings. You'll want to grasp the controllers in your hands and try picking items up around you, and make sure you're aware of the big grid that will pop up if you get too close to real-life objects. After you've tried out the headset's different features, you'll then want to jump into unique and exciting games.

You'll want to hold those lightsabers in your hands and slash bold boxes based on a song's beat and even do some meditation while experiencing the virtual world. Here are the seven games you should try ASAP, for the laughs and "whoas."

Beat Saber

First up, see how rhythmic you are with Beat Saber. This game is very similar to Guitar Hero or Tap Tap Revenge, as it requires you to hit boxes with arrows inside to the beat of a song. There are different levels like "normal" and "expert," and a 360-degree version where the boxes come towards you on multiple tracks. It can be a great introduction to virtual reality games, and the one game you keep going back to.

Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives

Blast into the future with Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives. In this game, the world has been taken over by robots, and they welcome you to your "job." This may be fixing a car or putting together a meal at a restaurant, or hanging out in an animated office. It's funny, rewarding, and loads of fun.

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is the adorable and colorful game you've likely been hoping to immerse yourself in. It brings you on an adventure with a little robot who has to navigate a huge, action-packed world. Along the way, you must use tools in your controller to help the robot advance. Oh, and don't forget to collect some coins, too.

Space Pirate Trainer

Virtual reality games may already remind you of space, as they allow you to jet-set to other worlds on the reg. But nothing will compare to Space Pirate Trainer which requires you to dodge a few droids flying through the sky. Play this game if and when you're comfortable with VR, and looking to embark on an epic adventure.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Fans of Star Trek will want to waste zero time purchasing Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Designed to make you feel like you're taking orders from a real-life captain, this game will place you and up to four friends in the galaxy, and test your ability to run a ship. It'll let you face experiences that may remind you of the movies.

Vacation Simular

Believe it or not, you don't have to catch a flight anymore to go on a sweet #vacay. Vacation Simulator, which takes place in a robot-filled world, is giving you a chance to relax. Start by picking out an outfit and then go play basketball on the beach. Spoiler alert: You'll never want to take your headset off.

Tilt Brush

Get artsy with Tilt Brush. This virtual reality game lets you paint in 3D, and create masterpieces that totally surround you. If you're a fashion designer, you may love using this game to bring your visions to life. If you're a national park enthusiast, you may adore sketching your fave places to travel, and feeling like you're in them.