7 Things Every Millennial Should Save Up For Now, That You'll Enjoy In The Next Decade

If you've ever spent several minutes staring at your bank account, followed by endless number crunching, you've likely reached that point in your 20s when you're ready to get financially savvy. No one really warns you about how tempting swiping your very first credit card can be, and how the sense of independence you feel in adulthood can cause you to spend more than you really should. When you're ready to start saving up, the first thing you need to do is set a few goals, like some of the best things to save up for in your 20s.

When you're striving to reach a goal, it can make the hard work to get there a whole lot easier. I'm not saying it's a piece of cake — believe me, I know first-hand that the struggle is real. Setting a budget for yourself each week can be close to impossible when all you really want to do is treat yourself to chai tea lattes every morning, and hit up happy hour with the squad after work. Although, these seven dream items are things that are worth the savings struggle. Giving up a few lattes a week will result in making a few future goals come true. In my opinion, that's the true definition of living your best life in your 20s.

Grown-Up Furniture That'll Seriously Upgrade Your Space

Right now, most of your apartment is likely furnished with items that were handed down from your older siblings, or things you found online for cheap. You hope to one day have a lavish chaise lounge, but the price for a decent one is more than your bank account can handle at the moment.

That's why it's time to start saving up ASAP. You know it's a good deal, because grown-up furniture is something that will last years and not end up breaking after a few months.

A House Or Condo To Call Your Own
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I don't know about you, but I'm tired AF of paying a rent bill every month. Year after year, you likely deal with your rent increasing, loud neighbors, and maybe even a roommate who's not really your cup of tea. You might even have to move every year, and it's seriously exhausting.

Now, you're looking ahead to the future, because you want a space that's entirely your own. Having the freedom of your own place is worth every penny you need to start saving in the present.

That Car You've Been Dreaming About
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Your current car situation might not be the most ideal. You may be rolling up to work in a family hand-me-down that needs to retire, or a pricey gas guzzler. So, a new car may be the first priority on your list. It could be something that's completely fuel efficient with a fancy hands-free navigation system. Whatever it may be, you know that dream car will last you years of commutes to work, and fun road trips on the weekends with your friends.

That Unforgettable, Big Trip You've Been Planning For Years

If you're all about experiences, you may be dreaming of spending your savings on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Right now, you might only be able to afford quick weekend getaways out of town, or a cheap beach house that you split with your friends.

The dream vacation you have in mind might be going on a week-long river cruise in Europe, where you visit many bucket list destinations. You need to save up not only for the trip, transportation, and souvenirs, but also so that you're not feeling the weight of the expense after missing work for several days.

Fresh Appliances That Will Last For Years
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Right now, you may have a few appliances that are a little quirky — and by quirky, I mean they don't seem to work quite right on the daily. However, you know how to work around it.

Maybe it's a dishwasher that needs to be ran twice. Whatever it may be, you can't wait to buy a new appliance that runs smoothly the first time around — no quirks included.

A Quality Gym Membership

When scoping out gyms, you may have tried several, and settled on the cheapest one. When you're working out on the treadmill, you still daydream about that one fancy gym that left a lasting impression. It has both a steam room and sauna, and offers several fun workout classes you've always wanted to try. So, the goal is to save up for that amazing gym membership you're not able to afford right now. (Someday you'll have those relaxing AF sauna moments.)

A Wardrobe That Will Last
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My mom always tells me that shoes deserve to be splurged on a little, because you wear them every single day. Clothes matter in your 20s — and in my opinion, a great wardrobe consists of appropriate work attire, fun outfits for going out with your friends, and comfy-cozy sweats on the weekend.

Instead of buying items off the sales rack that may very well fall apart after a few washes, you want to invest in a new wardrobe that will hopefully stand the test of time. (Maybe even that designer handbag you've been eyeing!)