If You're A Millennial Who's Trying To Save Money, You Can Easily Relate To These 9 Struggles

When it comes to saving money, the struggle is all too real. It's like your bank account and your 20s really want to be best friends, but somehow, are just never on the same page. You're trying to stay above your student loan debt, while also writing a rent check every month, in addition to paying every surprise bill that pops up along the way. If everything I've mentioned so far is extremely relatable, you know that when you're trying to save money in your 20s, the task can seem close to impossible.

I've finally reached that moment in my 20s when I'm getting financially responsible. I thought I had it all together, but the numbers in my savings account were in complete disagreement with me. Now, I found myself a great budget tracking app and am trying to stick to a weekly allowance. However, there are just a few wrenches that get thrown into the machine every once in a while that totally throw me off, like a cute pair of shoes or accidentally stumbling into my favorite makeup store.

Until we have everything figured out, I'm sure you and I can sympathize over these nine struggles we deal with trying to save up.

Going Out For Brunch Breaks Your Heart A Bit
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Anytime you go out for brunch with your squad, the first thing your eyes go to are the prices. Most of the time, it's an instant eliminator of just about 90 percent of the menu. Once you've finally found the two items that are within your budget, it makes picking out a meal easier even if it's not your first choice. (Someday we'll meet again, filet mignon.)

Having To Do Math In Your Head All The Time

I don't know about you, but I'm finally flexing all of those math skills I was promised would be useful when I became an adult. Whenever I'm shopping, I'm crunching numbers in my head trying to nail down the best deal. It gets even worse when I break out the coupons and have to factor percentages into the mix, but that savings makes it all worth it.

Getting A Tad Defensive When Splitting A Check

Going out for dinner with your friends is a lot of fun, up until the point when the check arrives. Having to split the bill between everyone shouldn't be so hard, but you immediately get very defensive. If anyone suggests splitting it evenly, you want to argue that it's not quite fair because you didn't order a cocktail and opted for the cheapest dish on the menu. (Just know that there's no shame in fighting for your rightful amount of check. I totally have your back!)

Feeling The FOMO When You Stay Home On A Friday Night

Now that I'm in savings mode, most of my Friday nights are spent with my new bae: Netflix. The cheapest option for me is staying in with my cat, and eating the leftovers I have in the fridge.

If your Friday night looks similar, you likely feel the need to avoid social media, because the FOMO will be too real if you see your friends out having fun. Just know that you and every employee at Dunder Mifflin are having just as much fun as you rewatch every episode of The Office.

Deciding Whether Or Not To Go Out Saturday Night
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Since you sacrificed your Friday night, you feel like you deserve to go out Saturday night. However, you know the entire evening will just be challenge after challenge. You are tough, but sometimes it becomes too difficult when you're out and want to order a lavish cocktail with your friends, or having to avoid the popcorn station at the movie theater because you already dished out a lot of cash on the ticket.

Being Tempted To Order Your Favorite Takeout On The Reg

You know that cooking at home might be the cheapest option for you, but sometimes, grocery shopping seems like such a chore. You just want to order takeout! With the delivery fees and the tip, though, it can seriously add up real quick.

Wanting To Go On An Expensive Group Trip That Your Friends Are Planning
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Everyone loves traveling — except your bank account. You save up for months in order to go on a trip with your besties but always forget to factor in all the money you plan on spending once you get there. It can seriously add up, and you don't want to upset your wallet anymore than you have to.

Having A Billion Budget Apps Take Over Your Phone

I used to go on my social media apps a ton, but now, I find myself checking my budget tracker and bank ones just as much. As nagging as they can be about warning me about my spending habits, it's a nag I truly need.

Making Coffee At Home Just Isn't The Same As Your Favorite Café's Brew

I've tried cutting coffee out of my life altogether to save money, but I missed it way too much and realized that was a terrible mistake. Now, I try to brew my own because it's cheaper. However, I'm spoiled by my local coffee shop, and nothing will ever compare to it.