7 Best New Year's Eve Plans To Make When You're So Over The Crowded Bar Scene

In the past, you've gotten all dressed up in a sparkly outfit on New Year's Eve, and braved the cold to hit up a crowded bar with friends. You toasted at midnight, then headed back home where your cozy PJs were waiting for you. (Hallelujah!) Don't get me wrong, you loved every minute of the celebrating, but you've done it many times before. Now, you're looking for the best things to do on New Year's Eve without going out.

Instead of navigating your way through crowds of people just to get your flute of champagne, celebrate in a more laid-back setting. You can pop your own bottle at a cozy Airbnb with your SO, or at your own private rooftop party gazing at the stars. You can still dance the night away, but instead of rocking those cute heels that your feet may regret later on, you can opt for going barefoot or wearing an adorable pair of fluffy slippers. For the rest of your end of the year plans, you want to be as cozy as possible.

If you need some inspiration on what to do this NYE, let me help you with a few ideas. As a cozy queen myself, I'm all about having fun and staying in. So, bring on the comfy vibes, because you're starting this new year the best way you can.

Throw A Rooftop Party To Watch All The Fireworks

If your apartment has access to the roof, your New Year's Eve party plans may involve going out... just a little. With fireworks at midnight, you can't pass up throwing a rooftop party with your closest friends. It doesn't even have to be much of a rager if you want to keep it chill.

Invite everyone you know, throw on some tunes, and dance until the fireworks start going off at midnight. Or, keep it low-key with your squad, and prepare a cozy area with blankets and hot cocoa for all to watch the fireworks together.

Have A Dance Party To The Past Year's Hits

Just because you're not out at a bar, that doesn't mean you still can't spend the night on the dance floor. Be Cristina and Meredith from Grey's Anatomy, and dance it out in your living room along with your besties. Play all the hits from the past year, and get ready for all the new songs that will totally be your jam.

DIY Your Own Potluck Wine And Dine Party, Complete With Poppers For Midnight

The best part of any New Year's Eve party is the countdown to the new year. It's what we're all waiting patiently for.

Plan a potluck wine and dine with some friends. Everyone prepares and brings a few of their favorite wines and foods. When the new year finally does come, be prepared with some DIY party poppers that you and your besties can make beforehand.

Have A BFF Sleepover With Cozy Blanket Forts

The coziest NYE party consists of having a sleepover with your best friends. No one wants to deal with driving home or taking the subway at the end of the night, so instead, just have everyone stay over just like old times.

Throw together a cozy blanket fort with tons of white string lights. Hang out inside while sharing your resolutions and hopes for the new year. You can even make a BFF pact right there to help each other have the best year ever.

Host A Progressive Dinner With Everyone's Favorite Course From The Year

If you're hosting, but don't want to spend a ton of money on food and supplies, make it a potluck progressive dinner. Each guest can bring their favorite course from the year. It can be a new recipe they tried and fell in love with, or you can have everyone prepare and bring a course that's supposed to bring good luck in the future.

Have A Last-Minute New Year's Resolution Party

Host an evening for friends to make and start their New Year's resolutions. It can be a blast, and you can all motivate one another keep them throughout the year.

If a friend mentioned she wanted to read more, challenge her to find a book to start before midnight. Maybe your friend made a promise to get over her stage fright, and you can have her perform karaoke at the party. Whatever the resolution may be, together you can find a cute and creative way to start the new year off before it begins.

Mix Up Some Fun Cocktails And Mocktails For The Countdown

When the countdown begins, you'll need a drink in hand to toast to the new year. Instead of dealing with the crowds, you can mix up your own unique drinks for your friends. They can be a mix of cocktails and mocktails in the pretty glasses you rarely use. Don't forget to come up with your own cute and punny names for each drink you serve.