7 Best Things About Turning 25, Because Your Quarter-Life Is SO Not A Crisis

Every year is another celebration of living, loving, and learning, and with 25 on the horizon, there are plenty of things to look forward to. You probably thought that you've already experienced the majority of major life milestones, but you're forgetting about the best things about turning 25 that aren't so obvious. No need to fret about that quarter-life, because it's so not a crisis at all. You're finally living your best life, and that's what this year is all about.

My 25th year was a big year of discovery and growth. It was the year I decided to move all the way across the country to live in my dream city: Los Angeles. It was also the year I met so many of my best friends, and when my old friends became more like family. In that time, I learned so much about myself as a person, and feel like it was the first year I felt truly like who I was always meant to be.

It's true that 25 is different for everyone, but there's no denying that when you reach your quarter-life, you realize these seven positives all around. So, no more dramatic quarter-life crisis tweets and eye rolls, because this year, you plan on focusing on the greatness and living your #bestlife.

You're In That Happy Medium Stage

I'm a firm believer that once you hit 25, you're in a beautiful, happy medium spot. You feel that sense of spontaneity and freedom that comes with being in your 20s, but you're also starting to get this whole adulting thing down to a science.

You Locked Down Your Ride Or Die Squad
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By now, you may have your hometown friends, college buddies, and work wives who you rely on. You've had many friendships thus far, and have happily found the forever types. The friends you have at 25 are the epitome of your ride or die crew, and you love them like family.

You May Be Closer To Your Parents Than You've Ever Been Before
Rachel Chapman

As you grow up, your relationship with your parents may get even better. You might live long-distance from them now, but you still try to call them to catch up at least once a week. You might even have a group chat going strong where you send funny videos and Gifs to each other on the daily.

You Settled Into Your Dream Career

When you first graduated college and stepped into the real world, you may not have known what you wanted to do for the rest of your life. The past few years might have really opened your eyes. Now, you might be settling into your dream career.

You Might Be Living On Your Own, In An Apartment Entirely Decorated By You

You may have made the move out of your parents' house, and are officially living on your own. You've had the time to really settle into your own space, and make it reflect your personality and style. It's a comfy oasis that you can't wait to come back to after a long day at work, and you really wouldn't have it any other way.

You Travel As Much As Possible

You know that there's no better time than the present to satisfy your wanderlust. In your early 20s, you may have been dreaming of bucket list destinations with no plan of getting there. Now, you know exactly how to get there, the cheapest way to do so, and your go-to travel buddies to reach out to for any spontaneous adventure.

You Really Know How To Treat Yourself To A Night In
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Gone are the days of late nights out with friends until the early morning hours. Sure, you may do that every once in a while, but you truly love a good night in. You're completely content with a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, a perfect rom-com, and tons of fuzzy blankets.