7 'Friends' Moments When Phoebe Buffay Was Literally All Of Us


Phoebe is undeniably the quirkiest of the Friends characters. With a heart of gold, a wandering mind, and the spirit of every single animal, she's kind of an underdog in life and a show where relationships can sometimes take the spotlight. Although she might seem like the most un-relatable character, the best Phoebe moments from Friends remind us that she's literally just like us.

She's the sidekick we all wish we had -- for a good laugh, a witty comment, or to just break out into song -- but also the friend who reminds us that loving yourself is oh-so-important. Nobody has self confidence quite like her, especially Chandler. He could absolutely learn a lesson or two about embracing your inner weirdness from his one-of-a-kind gal pal.

For someone who had it tough, Phoebe always is the first to make the most out of a situation. Compliment her name? She'll use the opportunity to grab your phone number. ("Phoebe. Great name." "You like that? You should hear my phone number.") Need to go for a run? Why not pretend someone's chasing you! Sprinting has never been so satisfying.

We could all learn a lot from Pheebs, but a lot of her free-spirited energy and character is already a part of us, if only we choose to channel it. Here are seven moments from Friends when Phoebe reminded us of the best and worst or ourselves (and we love her for it).

When She Was Brutally Blunt

Phoebe is always just saying what everyone else is thinking. We all have a blunt best friend. She's the one who's never afraid to tell you that the new dress you just bought is horrid, and she's incredibly honest about that guy who ghosted you. She doesn't sugarcoat life, or her feelings -- and wears her heart, and her thoughts, on her sleeve.

Maybe you could pick your blunt bestie out of your friend crew instantly, or maybe that person is entirely you. Either way, the truth is, nobody truly loves getting recruited for the tough jobs -- the drives to the airport, the heavy lifting when you move out, or the truth when it needs to be told.

When She Loved Her Sexy Voice

We don't love being sick, but my goodness do we love it when we're feeling ourselves. After getting ready for a night out with the crew, it's hard not to snap a mirror selfie or prioritize a good group shot just to show off a new outfit to the social media world.

Phoebe reminds us that it's OK to have a little self-confidence. Sometimes when life gets you down and hands you lemons, it's best to make lemonade and remember what makes you so good at being you.

When She Was Totally Fed Up

We can't live with them, and we can't live without them. Oh, we love our friends. Sometimes they can really give us a run for our money. Maybe they're constantly running late to plans, leaving their dirty dishes in the sink, or just are not understanding our points-of-view during an argument. Whatever it may be, it can just get to be too much, making us want to scream.

Phoebe is all of us when we reach that boiling point. She isn't afraid to let it all go -- and at our worst times, neither are we. During finals week, deadline-heavy weeks at work, and our periods, people can so easily press our buttons.

Did Judy ever pick up the sock?

When She Was Totally Scared

Life comes at you fast. It's hard not to get a little freaked out, even by the little things.

We all have those moments of doubt, when we don't really know how things are going to turn out or truly believe in ourselves. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we still end up in sticky situations or feel that our fate isn't entirely in our hands.

But even when life gives us the craziest messes, we always have our friends to help clean it up. Especially if our friend is Monica.

When She Didn't Even Have A Plan

Let's be honest, nobody has a plan. That's a ridiculous question, Monica.

Growing up, our families and teachers always asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Now we're grown, and most of us still haven't figured it out.

Phoebe reminds us that that's OK. At 20-something, it's crazy to believe anyone would have it all together. As long as you're doing your best at life and staying true to yourself, it'll all come together soon enough.

When She Was Totally Committed

We all have things we care about -- and when we care about something, we're willing to drop everything and do everything for it.

For Phoebe, friends are like family. She would do anything to be the best friend she could be. Learning headlines to freak out Ross, running lines with Joey, and taking on alter ego Regina Phalange at a moment's notice -- it's all just part of the territory.

She also is incredibly dedicated to her causes. Animals, dying Christmas trees, and those getting squashed by commerical giants like Pottery Barn always have a champion in Phoebe Buffay.

When She Was Perfectly Weird

We're all a little weird. Being normal is just too boring, and our little quirks and dreams are what make us so original as human beings.

Phoebe is by far the queen of all things weird. She'll be the first to come up with a catchy song about a smelly cat, channel the deepest energies in the universe, or run wildly through Central Park. She doesn't care what other people think, and neither should we.

When we're being undeniably us, we're channeling not only our true selves, but the best part of one of our favorite friends -- Phoebe.