Here Are The 7 Fashion & Beauty Trends That Will Take Over Music Festivals This Year

Courtesy of Holy Ship/Alive Coverage

It might only be January, but what better way to make winter pass by faster than by dreaming of warmer, more fun days, like those spent at musical festivals. And honestly, what better time to start planning your kickass ~lewks~ for the upcoming festival season than right now. After all, it's never a bad idea to get a head start. In case you need some help planning what truly extra outfit you're going to rock at this year's events, I've rounded up some of the hottest music festival fashion trends for 2019, all spotted at Holy Ship!, one of this year's first music festivals.

Holy Ship! is an annual EDM music festival that takes place aboard a 4,000-plus-passenger cruise ship. This year, the festival hosted two sailings: Holy Ship 12.0 sailed from Jan. 5 to Jan. 9, and 13.0 finished out the run from Jan. 9 to Jan. 12. Aboard both sailings, festival fashion at its finest was out in full force. I'm talking some majorly eccentric and edgy festival fashion looks that have absolutely set the tone for the caliber of music festival fashion that'll continue this year.

Courtesy of Holy Ship/Alive Coverage

Rest assured that, just because Holy Ship! took place in the middle of winter, didn't mean the lucky attendees were wrapped up in 15 layers. The cruise sails off the coast of Florida, meaning endless festival goers were seen rocking a bathing suit and other common warm-weather festival gear. Of course, though, just as the general trend for fashion in 2019 is all about being as extra as can be, so were the fashion trends aboard the ship.

Read on for some major photo inspiration to help you nail down the 2019 festival fashion trend you want to try yourself this festival season.

Blinged-Out Bathing Suits

Courtesy of Holy Ship/Alive Coverage

When I told you that guests chose to rock bathing suits that were a lot more eccentric than your basic one- or two-piece suit, I wasn't lying. Minimalism is clearly not the name of the game this year. Instead, most Holy Ship! festival-goers opted for blinged-out looks (think: major shimmer, fluorescent colors, and suits decked out with large sequins and beads).

Make It All Metallic

Courtesy of Holy Ship/James Coletta
Courtesy of Holy Ship/Oh Dag Yo

For 2019, the shinier your festival outfit, the better. I spotted a huge amount of guests rocking all things metallic, whether they were easy, breezy two-pieces or full-on futuristic jackets and shorts. If your plan is to stand out, metallic pieces will help you do it.

Get Your Head In The Game

Courtesy of Holy Ship/Alive Coverage
Courtesy of Holy Ship/Julian Bajsel

No, not every festival is aboard a cruise ship, but that doesn't mean super extra head pieces won't carry over into this year's festival trends. On board Holy Ship!, sailor hats were a common find, but hats in general were blinged-out and paired with matching metallepiic outfits. Not to mention, a good hat can not only tie a look together, but also protect your face from the sun.

Space Buns, Hun

Courtesy of Holy Ship/James Coletta

Festival-goers at Holy Ship! proved that the space bun trend of 2018 is still alive and well in 2019. Fans were seen rocking the double buns in various ways, including with glitter and stickers on their center parts and held together with fun, colorful hair pieces and scrunchies. It has and always will be a look that's out of this world.

It's The Jersey Way

Courtesy of Holy Ship/Alive Coverage
Courtesy of Holy Ship/Alive Coverage

For 2019, it's not always just about bathing suits and crop tops. Plenty of festival goers chose to wear jerseys — authentic sports variations, replicas, throwbacks, and otherwise — to the performances. Choosing to go with a jersey is a strong yet easy look for any festival, and it's a way to show off your support for your favorite team or brand.

Wig Out

Courtesy of Holy Ship/James Coletta

What better way to change up your look and channel a whole new vibe for yourself for a music festival than by opting for a brightly-colored wig. Not only do wigs amp up an already inventive look, but they also allow you to try out various hair color trends without the commitment and subsequent damaging effects that come along with a more permanent hair transformation.

Costume Party

Courtesy of Holy Ship/Alive Coverage
Courtesy of Holy Ship/Rukes

For 2019, a clear trend that many people are following is "when in doubt, be as extra as you can be." And for a lot of people aboard Holy Ship!, that meant rocking a costume — whether a full-blown taco or a comfy onesie. And TBH, I can't think of anything more comfortable than wearing a cozy onesie to a music festival — especially if the temperatures at the festival you're attending are on the cooler side. Stand out in the crowd while wearing something as cozy as possible? Double win.

No matter if metallic and blinged-out bikinis are your thing, you tend to prefer a full-on costume, or you like to be more creative with your hairstyles instead, you're bound to do festival season right as long as you're expressing your own personal style. So pick your favorite festival fashion trend and start on your 2019 mood board — festival season is will be here before you know it.