It's Onesie Season, Y'all — And These Are The Coziest Ones You Can Buy On Amazon

I tell people that I own three adult onesies because it's the official uniform when you work from home — but I'd own them even if I didn't. The best adult onesies for women are, in my opinion, a severely undervalued category of loungewear. Yes, they're like wearing a fleece blanket everywhere you go (so they're amazing for winter or for people who are always cold), but they're also surprisingly practical, too. Most have built-in slippers, hoods, and sometimes even pockets.

Adult onesies, however, are often surprisingly expensive (and that includes the poorly-made versions that won't last you longer than a season). For that reason, you want to be sure that you're getting something high-quality. Onesies have a tendency to rip at common points of stress (like under your arms or between your legs), and since the ones with built-in 'footies' are making constant contact with the floor, those wear out quickly, too. A onesie made from quality material and reinforced stitching, however, will ensure that your money is well-spent.

So, whether you're in the market for festive Christmas pajamas you can wear all year or the most comfortable pajamas you'll ever own, check out this list of eight versatile onesies.

The Overall Best Adult Onesie

Pros: Buyers agree that the PajamaGram Hoodie-Footie onesie is "very comfortable and worth the money," which is why it has a 4.4-star rating and nearly 200 reviews. In addition to the seven available patterns and eight sizes, this set is made with 100 percent polyester fleece, extra fabric, and a loose-fit design. It also has zip-off feet with anti-skid soles, a convenient front pocket, a hood, and thumb holes. The brand even offers a customizable option, which you can monogram with your name, for one of the pink onesies.

Cons: Some reviewers say that the sizing is "non-standard," so be sure to check out the sizing chart before purchasing. It's also one of the more expensive options.

Available designs: blue, pink, customizable pink, red and white plaid, hearts, leopard print, Winter Whimsy

  • Available sizes: XS - 3XL
The Best Adult Onesie For Plus Sizes

Pros: The Casual Moments plus-size onesie has high ratings because it's well-made, extremely soft, and has a few great features that make reviewers want to "wear it as often as possible." It's created from thick, cozy polyester and has a front zipper, a hood, a drawstring, and nine fun prints to choose from. It also washes in the machine without issue, which is a huge plus if you'll be practically living in this thing like other buyers.

Cons: At $88 for most colors and sizes, it's the most expensive onesie on this list.

Available designs: lavender, pink bears, blue leopard print, light blue, pink cats, lavender leopard print, pink peace signs, red, blue puppies

  • Available sizes: 1XL - 3XL
The Best Footless Adult Onesie

Pros: Some people just can't imagine sleeping with socks, and that's fine — that's why there's this onesie from Mae. The elastic cuffs, hood, and microfiber material will keep you warm and cozy everywhere else, but this pick gives your feet some much-needed freedom with its footless design. It also has a split-kangaroo pocket in the front and drawstring pompoms for some added style.

Cons: If you're taller, this onesie probably isn't the best fit for you. Reviewers say it's made for "average to short" people because of the shorter legs and arms.

Available designs: black star print, turquoise plaid, grey modern hearts, mouse Fair Isle, red checkered plaid

  • Available sizes: S - XL
The Warmest Adult Onesie

Pros: The review section for the Alexander Del Rossa onesie is filled with people who are "always cold." One person even "used to go to bed in flannel PJs, socks, and sometimes a shawl around [their] head," but with this onesie's thick, fleece polyester fabric, those days are gone. The material is warmer and fuzzier than other brands. Plus, it has removable zip-off feet, a hood with a drawstring, and two front pockets to hold all your essentials.

Cons: Since it's so thick, it's not really all that breathable. It also tends to rip in certain areas after extended wear, so if you're looking for a onesie that'll last you several seasons, this isn't the one for you.

Available designs: black, deep purple, gray, red, pink

  • Available sizes: XS - 3XL
The Most Budget-Friendly Adult Onesie That's Also Super Festive

Pros: Reviewers say the Velvet Kitten onesie is "warm, cozy, [and] sized well." It's made entirely from polyester fleece and has cuffed wrists, a zip-up front design, and footies with skid-resistant soles. The best part? Despite the quality and high ratings, this one only costs $30 for every size and all three festive holiday designs.

Cons: The fleece is thinner than some other onesies, but if you tend to overheat, some reviewers say that might be a good thing.

Available designs: black reindeer and trees, holiday sweaters, red reindeer and snowflakes

  • Available Sizes: S - XL
The Best Adult Onesie For People With Sensitive Skin

Pros: Unlike other onesies, which are typically made from synthetic fabric, the Burt's Bees PJ set is made using only 100 percent organic cotton. For that reason, it's the best choice for someone with sensitive skin. It also has ribbing for a gentle stretch, a ring-spun construction for ultimate softness, and a cute front closure that buttons up to the top.

Cons: According to reviewers, this onesie does shrink in the wash, so consider ordering a size up or line-drying it.

Available designs: green plaid, candy cane, green Fair Isle, ivory Fair Isle

  • Available Sizes: XS - XL
The Best Novelty Onesie For Adults

Pros: Yes, it's made entirely from soft, loose-fitting fleece and features a hood and two side pockets, but let's be real — the real draw is that you get to dress up like your favorite animal every single night before bed. The Dona-Brayman animal onesie comes in over 20 different designs and has reviewers saying things like, "My son 'borrowed' it and [I] haven't gotten it back since." Some of them even feature tails, winged arms, baby stuffed animals, and built-in mittens to complete the look.

Cons: Some of the designs are eligible for Prime, but the ones that aren't may take a while to ship, according to past buyers.

Available designs: owl, yellow rainbow unicorn, pink rainbow unicorn, penguin, skeleton, parakeet, hamster, sloth, platypus, raccoon, parrot, koala, fox, bunny, giraffe, kangaroo, mouse, cat, bear, wolf, seal, pig, dragon, Cheshire cat, Santa

  • Available Sizes: S - XL
The Best Onesie Set For The Whole Family — Including Your Pet

Pros: Last but not least, this one's great if you appreciate a matching set. Burt's Bees striped Jumpbees are made from machine-washable cotton and feature a front zipper, a hood, and a brushed terry interior that's "like curling up in a cozy pair of sweats," according to reviewers. This one's available in a massive selection of sizes to fit babies, toddlers, bigger kids, and adults. They even make a candy-cane-striped bandanna to fit your pet.

Cons: None so far — reviewers have given this one a 4.7-star rating.

Available designs: One (pictured)

  • Available sizes: XS - XXL (Adult)

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