7 Hysterical Halloween Costumes For The Squad That's Totally Obsessed With Memes

Memes are how we get through our boring days and communicate with others. They've literally just become a part of internet culture, and we are so, so here for their hilariously witty nature. Ever hysterically blurt out loud laughing at work and pierced through the silence of the office? It was probably because of a meme you saw, which you no doubt subsequently sent to your group chat as you stifled your giggles. That's why coordinating 2017 meme group Halloween costumes is pretty much necessary if you and your squad live, breathe, and swap memes all the time.

The best part about memes, though, is that they're a lot like wine: They just get better and better as each year passes by. Since we are in 2017 now, you should certainly stay a little more current when you pick your dope meme costume with your crew. These bad boys most likely went viral, so you and your friends can't disappoint when it comes to executing the oh-so-beloved memes we have all grown to know and love. Memes have literally taken over every social media platform we use these days, but we are surely not complaining. It's always entertaining to see the creative and unique memes people come up with. Now, if your head is a jumbled mess from trying to think back on the boatloads of memes you have witnessed over the past year, consider some of these ideas from memes for your group Halloween costume.

Anything Involving The Past Solar Eclipse
George Nica on Twitter

The solar eclipse we experienced this past August was not only incredible to see in the sky, but the internet was drenched in memes. The event was literally a goldmine for meme makers who made fun of the glasses, misinformation, and people's reactions to the celestial event.

So, you and your crew can walk around wearing false eclipse glasses and remind people about the time the moon basically broke the internet.

Poncho It Up Like George W. Bush On Inauguration Day
AwAis KhAn♔ on Twitter

What's better than one poncho worn by a past president during Inauguration Day for another president? You and your friends mocking that very moment with a group of wet ponchos.

I'm not sure what stylist George W. Bush didn't hire that day, but we are here for the ponchos, Bush's hilarious attempt at wearing one, and of course, the memes that followed.

The Snapchat Hot Dog
delaney on Twitter

Can you imagine a group of you all running around in the Snapchat hot dog get-up this Halloween? No one's selfie would be safe from the potential photobombing opportunities. In fact, people may even want you to jump into their Snapchat pictures just for fun.

The possibilities are endless, but we are incredibly here for any and all interpreations of the dancing hot dog.

Trump's Abroad Orb Touching
Tri-Cities DSA on Twitter

President Trump, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi touching an orb had the internet creating memes instantly.

There were many references that played with the idea that the orb was a magical vessel. Regardless, this could definitely be dressed up with a group of friends ready to conjure the light from within.

Strut That RompHim Look
HeadStuff on Twitter

Your group of guys has found one of the most notable, easiest costumes to wear this Halloween. The RompHim launch took the internet by storm as people opposed and for the style created memes on social media.

Although the weather may not be incredibly comfortable for this style during Halloween, you'll have those laughs to keep you warm.

Evil Kermit
vampersandria on Twitter

Kermit was definitely a star of many memes this year when evil Kermit decided to shadow him. One good idea followed by a blunt, bad idea was usually the set-up for these Kermit-themed memes.

Get a group of Kermits, pair them with a group of evil Kermits, and you've got yourself a plethora of meme potential.

Arthur's Balled Fist
lottie hayes on Twitter

Friends who can ball a fist together, stay together. The amount of times Arthur's fist took to the internet is practically endless. If you and your friends can find enough yellow sweaters to make it happen, any meme-obsessed squad should definitely embody Arthur and his photogenic fist this Halloween.

Memes have literally made us laugh to point of almost peeing our pants, which means that they are practically unforgettable. Depicting a meme in you and your crew's costume this year will bring back all the fond memories of meme gathering and swapping throughout the year.