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60 Work Group Chat Names To Check In With Your Fave Coffee Crew


Nowadays, you might have a group chat going on with just about every crew you're part of. You have one for your friends, and another one with just your family, so of course, you also have one that's filled with just your work friends. It's used daily to check in on who wants coffee, what's for lunch, and to send office-related memes back and forth. Since you're all about staying organized, you'll need some work group chat names to go through and decide on what to label your crew.

It's important to have a work squad. It may take some time getting to know everyone in the office, but once you find that certain group of people you like talking to, you feel more at home. A work crew makes going into the office every day a little more exciting. You can't wait for your daily java trips and laughing about things that happened in meetings. Your group chat might even be your saving grace when you just need to vent real quick about an annoying email or a super time-consuming project.

The text chain with your work friends needs to be given a proper name to dignify its importance. Here are 60 group chat names for you to go through. You're busy tackling the workday like a pro, so I've done all the work for you. Now, all that's left to do is decide on what name to go by, and you're all ready to send that "hang in there" kitten Gif to make them LOL.


1. Water Cooler Talk

2. XOXO Gossip Girls

3. Who Wants Coffee?

4. I Love You A Latte

5. You Coffee Bean So Much To Me

6. Espresso Yourself

7. Lunch Order Within

8. Lunch Crew

9. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

10. Put It In An Email

11. See Attached

12. Wish We Were OOO

13. Where's My Stapler

14. The Office

15. Mermaid To Be Work Friends

16. What's For Lunch?

17. Working Peeps

18. No Bosses Allowed

19. Olive My Coworkers

20. After Work Crew

21. Happy Hour

22. Away In A Meeting

23. Gouda Work Friends

24. Work Ride Or Dies

25. Chamber Of Secrets

26. Circle Of Trust

27. Sisterhood Of The Traveling Stapler

28. Can I Borrow A Pen?

29. 404! Group Name Does Not Exist

30. Call IT


31. We Are Family

32. We Need A Vacation

33. Sharing Is Caring

34. My Butter Half

35. Coffee Crew

36. Walk With Me

37. Work Friends For Life

38. Heard It Through The Grapevine

39. The Board Room

40. Bae-Goals

41. My Work Posse

42. Shrimply The Best

43. Doughnut Worry, Be Happy

44. We Want Bagel Friday Every Day

45. My Cup Of Joe

46. Brewtiful Crew

47. Just Brew It

48. That's What We Said

49. Work Squad

50. World's Best Boss

51. Doing A Grape Job

52. My Main Squeezes

53. My Best Work Buds

54. Where Have You Bean?

55. That's My Paper Jam

56. Mugnificent Crew

57. We Excel

58. Let's Taco 'Bout It

59. We Just Click

60. My Cup Of Tea